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Rather than leaving this box blank, I want to take this time to thank everyone who volunteers and participates in Sustain Jefferson events.  The message of sustainablity seems more important now than ever.  We are happy to have shared ideas with you and look forward to more learning opportunities.  As always we will be a resource for you.  I look forward to the fall when we may be able to get together again.

Linda Nichols, SJ president

Action Team update

One of the recent Plastic Reduction Action Team projects was a letter to major grocery stores. We shared our concern about the single use plastic bottles which are privalent in their stores and end up in our environment as needless plastic waste.  We suggested that they prominately display re-usuable water bottles to purchase and install water bottle filling stations.  One members idea, "create clubs for children who can fill out a record sheet with filling station stamps and offer a small reward".

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