Gardening Workshops Saturday April 6, 2019

Join us for a day of fun, learning and thinking spring.  Doors open at 8:30 am, workshops start at 9:00 (see workshop descriptions in box below). We'll be at the Concord Community Center, W1095 Concord Center Dr. near I-94 and Jefferson County Hwy F. Cost is $15 per workshop or $35 for all day, lunch is included with donations welcomed. Our guest speaker is Joshua Feyen from the Madison Permaculture Guild. His topic is: Biopiracy and Peruvian Potato Farmers. He will share videos, photos and stories of how a small group of farmers in ParuParu grow, preserve and harvest potatoes.

April 6th workshop descriptions

9:00 -10:15

Gardening for Life-Learn tools, techniques and plant selection which allow you to garden throughout life.  Garden with ease, protect your joints, prevent injuries and enhance your well being.

Growing Grapes-Learn the basics of growing grapes, including site selection, varieties, training systems, pruning, pests, and diseases. 

Plastics: Think before you buy

Corporations ultimately must be held responsible for the waste plastics they create. But in the meantime consumers need to think before they buy: Can this be recycled?

That was the message of Town of Ixonia recycling manager Vic Karaliunas when he spoke recently to Sustain Jefferson's monthly discussion group. The focus of the discussion was plastics recycling and ways to reduce our use of plastics at a time when the markets for recyclable plastics are dramatically changing and even disapearing.

China has almost completely stopped taking recyclable plastics from the U.S., Karaliunas said. It was initially outsourced to Vietnam and other Asian communities, but they also are losing interest in accepting waste plastics, he said.

He gave some advice to make plastics more desirable to recycling markets including taking the caps off plastic bottles so they can be compressed for shipping. Throw out the caps. Put only clean materials -- jars, cans, other containers, plastics, etc. -- into recycling bins. Envelopes with cellophane windows are not recyclable. Neither are those mailers padded with bubble wrap inside. If plastic wrap or packaging can be stretched it's good for recycling.

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