Sustain Jefferson Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Join us for Spud Fest! April 5th

A free workshop on how to grow potatoes. Sale of organic seed potatoes. Baked potato bar with all the toppings. It's Spud Fest! We're having a celebration of all things potato on Wednesday, April 5, 21017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Johnson Creek Community Center, 417 Union St., Johnson Creek WI. The workshop, "Everything You Need to Know to Grow Potatoes and Why You Should Grow Them," will feature three SJ members, all long-time experienced potato growers, who will share their tips and techniques for growing the humble spud in the garden and in containers. Six varieties of certified organic Wisconsin-grown seed potatoes will be for sale; all easy to grow, delicious and popular with our members. And the baked potato bar will convince everyone to grow this versatile culinary star. For recipe ideas we'll have for sale our popular SJ potato cookbook "A Celebration of the Spud." Don't miss Jefferson County's only tater extravaganza!

The six varieties of organic seed potatoes that will be for sale are: German Butterball, Magic Molly, Yukon Gold, Adirondack Blue, Dark Red Norland and All Blue.

Choose seed potato varieties with the characteristics that most appeal to you.

German Butterball A light yellow skin/yellow flesh heirloom potato with a slightly russeted skin. Excellent flavor. Similar in size to Carola.

Magic Molly An Alaskan bred variety, with purple skin and purple flesh that retains its color even after boiling, unlike other purple/blue flesh varieties that go grey. It has a blocky fingerling shape. Tubers can be small or large, with some over 6 inches long.

Yukon Gold Yellow flesh/yellow skin potato. Stores well. We plant at 6 inches for the highest yields and still get large tubers. A caution with this variety; excessive rapid growth with the Yukon Gold results in hollow heart. If you have had hollow heart problems, increase planting density (4-6 inches), or decrease fertility, and always maintain uniform water levels.

Adirondack Blue A dark blue skinned potato with dark blue flesh. Maintains its color after cooking. High yielding variety with medium to large tubers. It is susceptible to bruising and soft rot. We have found it to be much more scab resistant than other blue potatoes.

Dark Red Norland Dark Red Norland The organic growers choice for the early red. Excellent flavor. Red skin and white flesh. Produces both boiler and baker size spuds. A very versatile potato which exhibits good resistance to potato viruses. Narrow in-row spacing (4-6 inches) will produce high yields of B size potatoes.

All Blue A medium to small oblong potato with deep blue skin and a colorful blue flesh with white streaks. It is a good choice for baking or frying and is excellent for making colorful chips. It stores well. We have had high yields.