Sustain Jefferson Jefferson County, Wisconsin

April 6th workshop descriptions

9:00 -10:15

Gardening for Life-Learn tools, techniques and plant selection which allow you to garden throughout life.  Garden with ease, protect your joints, prevent injuries and enhance your well being.

Growing Grapes-Learn the basics of growing grapes, including site selection, varieties, training systems, pruning, pests, and diseases. 

Regenerative Agriculture-Learn about the latest ideas in earth friendly agriculture...going beyond sustainable to regenerative. Greg David will help you understand what it is, principles of how to do it, and share his personal experiences.

10:30-12:00 Guest Speaker 


Soothing Your Aches with Natural Salves-Make and take home 2 types of salves using natural ingredients.  Stay pain free to stay in the garden. A material fee will apply.

Wiggly Worm Workshop-Make and take your own worm composting box.  Create this useful soil ammendment for your garden. A material fee will apply.

Raising Monarch Butterflies-Hear an overview of the iconic monarch butterflies, their amazing life cycle and how to raise them successfully.