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Visit this page often as new sites, blogs and interesting projects are constantly coming online. If you find a link out there that you feel we should include, please feel free to email us.

Environmental Home Remodeling: Recycling and Composting Click Here.  This link was brought to our attention by Sarah and Jill Matthews

  SJ member Meg Kelly's blog covering activities at her family's High Meadow Farm CSA is always a good read!

SJ member Ben Nelson has posted a great sustainability tip at for conserving water and saving money with only 5 minutes of work!

In its January 2010 issue, TPO - Treatment Plant Operator™ Magazine has published an interview with SJ member Peter Hartz, describing how the Johnson Creek Waterworks is working with local farmers and Sustain Jefferson in finding new uses for biosolids produced at the plant, including use as a fuelstock for gasifiers. Click here to view the article that covers how Hartz and the Community-Supported Energy Group are exploring the possibilities.

Click here to download a short article on Community Supported Agriculture by SJ member Meg Kelly.

Click here to download a new article on Biomass Gasification by SJ's own Robert Frost.

Click here to download a treatise on "Rain Barrels on Steroids" by SJ member Patrick Rowe.

High Meadow Farm CSA - growing organically since 1980.

  Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters - encouraging policies protecting Wisconsin's natural resources.

  Alliance for Sustainability - promoting sustainability in Wisconsin's Chequamegon Bay region.

  Heart of the City - Fort Atkinson Wisconsin

  Sustain Dane

  Sustain Door

  Sustainable Sites Initiative

  Transition US - Inspiration, support, training, and networking for Transition Initiatives in the U.S.


  Environmental Working Group

  Sustainable Table - serving up healthy food choices

  Local Harvest - Farmer's Markets, family farms, CSA's, organic food

  Slow Food International - good, clean and fair food

  Grist - Environmental News and Humor

  UW Extension - Water Resources Education

  Consumer Consequences - Sustainability Coverage From American Public Media

  No Impact Man - A blog about living a green, sustainable, environmental life

  Chris Martenson's Crash Course - learn everything you need to know about the economy.

  DIRT! The Movie - the story of the relationship between humans and living dirt.