Sustain Jefferson Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Meeting Minutes

Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

March 3, 2021



Board Members Present: Linda Nichols, John Nichols, Buck Smith, Kathy Adams, Mike Klaus, Janet McConaughey, Paul Moderacki (Quorum established)

Others: CJ O’Neill, Ellen Klaus, Amanda Langer, Dr. Karen Wright, Susanna Fricker

Called to order at 6:38

February Minutes: Motion to approve by Janet McConaughey & Buck Smith.  Approved unanimously.

Financial Report - $4243.64     $10.23 from Amazon smile  and .32 in dividends

Tech Report

Susannah states website is waiting to transfer to new host.  She planned to confer with Paul M to complete this. 

Rummage and plant Sale:  Setup  on Thursday April 22  with sale on 23rd and 24th

Kathy Adams will start a Google doc for sign up the event (or perhaps Sign up Genius)  The event will be published with the name of “Second Life Items and Gardening Store”

Recycling Score Sheet tabled for now.  The goal is to publish something on our website.

Video on Container Gardening: Mary Branson is willing to do this – perhaps filmed at the end of March.  Linda will contact Mary on this.

Book study:  The Overstory OR Braiding Sweetgrass   during the month of April.

As a result of Doug Tallamy’s “Bringing Nature Home” book study, there’s interest in outside projects.  Amanda plans to contact Greg David about the micro-park at the intersection of Oconomowoc Ave and Concord Ave in Watertown.  We will have a weed pulling party .

Regarding the Mason Farm native bee project, Linda will contact Kevin Weissman, who has ordered the plants this spring for the Dorothy Carnes County Park.

Our work will be at the Mason farm which has already existing plants to set up native bees there.

Rather than establishing mason bee homes, perhaps we should put up signage about the variety of natural pollinators and their relationship to the flowers and plants.  Perhaps we could use photos from the bee book that Dr. Wright recommended (The Bees in Your Backyard: A Guide to North America’s Bees by Olivia J. Messinger Carrill).   Paperback is $22.00 on Amazon.

Richard is interested in an annual project to make the disposable straws/tubes for the native bee homes 4-H or Future Farmers of America (bees are livestock)  Perhaps a project idea for the future?

Articles for sustainability?  Ellen proposed an educational article as a platform for us with alternating authors with a committee to authorize to go forward and then to edit.  Perhaps we could also review books or movies on germane topics.  Or have guest lecturers write 90-100 word artlicles.  Perhaps Ms. Wright?   A Zoom meeting to discuss these articles is planned with potentially Linda, Ellen, Amy Rinard, Kathy Adams, Katherine, and Amanda.


Richard encourages us to watch ECHO Valley Hope zooms every Sunday – especially the recent program they had on the sacredness of seeds:

Mike asked about a virtual MREA show for this year- Richard reports that they will not have the 2021 energy show, but there will be a virtual member- only show.  They are instead working on the 2022 fair – which is sure to be fabulous after the long pause.

Mike recommends the book, “Ministry for the Future” – discussing rights of the future generation as pertain to these threats:  global warming, diversity, climate change, sea level rise.  It is a long but GOOD read.

Mike moved to adjourn.  Seconded by John Nichols.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30

Our next meeting will be April 7, 2021 at 6PM via ZOOM.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams,


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting



February 3, 2021


Board Members Present: Kasy Culbertson, Kathy Adams, Linda Nichols, John Nichols, Buck Smith, Richard Seibt, Mike Klaus, Janet McConaughey (Quorum established)

Others: CJ O’Neill, Kathy Heller, Paul Moderacki, Ellen Klaus, Amanda Langer

Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM.

January Minutes:  Kasy moved to approve. John seconded.  Approved by all.  Minutes approved unanimously.


January Financial Report

.36 Dividend

$4233.09 current balance

Rummage, Potatoes, and Plant Sale

Friday, April 23 – Saturday, April 24, 2021 as part of the Johnson Creek Village Sale

Our sale will use CJ’s garage and driveway.

We will have a sign saying masks are required on this private property.  CJ has a supply of masks to be handed out as needed.  Buck, CJ, and others will have materials for sale.

John made the motion that we hold this rummage sale.  Janet seconded.  Approved by all.

We discussed posting photos and descriptions of sale items on FaceBook Marketplace before the sale to keep personal contact minimized during the sale.  All items would be sold at and picked up at the garage sale, first come, first served.

Also offered for sale will be seed potatoes (145 pounds), donated plants, raspberries from Kasy (from jumping worm free soil!), and sweet potatoes from Janet (in purchased potting soil).


Seed starting could be videotaped as our 2nd garden video. 

According to Janet, Mary Branson volunteered to do a container plant video

Mason Farm, Mason (Native) Bees

Per a discussion in the most recent Jefferson County Parks committee meeting, which Buck attended, there is an ordinance stating the general public can buy a bee hive permit for $30.  There are stipulations attached. The hive can’t be within 200 feet of a property line and can’t be within 50 feet of a path.  Buck relayed our interest in mason bees and bee habitat at Dorothy Carnes Park.  We would need to make the bee houses and set them out, perhaps in May or June.  We can check in August to see if the bees have taken residence. 

How would people access the signage for bee education?  Perhaps a mowed path?  Buck has a meeting next week where they will discuss the placement of the signage. 

Perhaps we can invite Liz Walsh, a bee expert, who was a native of Johnson Creek, to one of our board meetings to discuss native bees and the native plants they require?

Per Amanda Langer, the Book Study group is finishing up its study of Doug Tallamy’s “Bringing Nature Home” next week. 

There were some great discussions, questions, and interest in taking care of a few local areas.  One of the areas discussed was the Watertown MicroPark (approx. ¼ acre) on the corner of Concord and Oconomowoc Avenues(by the bridge).  Ellen shared her knowledge of the park:  Greg David put a lot of work into it initially.  Over the years, thistle has taken hold there.  Tentatively, perhaps in May, Amanda could look at the site.  Greg could also be contacted for his insight.

Future Possible Event: David Stokes – discussed last month also.   Linda suggested planning to start in the fall to bring him to a Sustain Jefferson event and pay him appropriately.  He would draw a large family attendance.

Ellen thought Peter Hartz could also present a great program.  He is an expert on water reclamation (kid-focused)

Perhaps we could have an annual fall event for kids.


Kasy discussed the Recycling Score Sheet (as begun by Waukesha County Green Team)

Kasy requests that we look over these items and decide if there are any we should take out or add to this list.  Kasy has asked that this be done before the next meeting.  She will email out the list to the board.  This is in preparation for sending this to the public or our email list.

Katherine & Kasy would go forward to find out what the recycling companies in Jefferson County are doing with these items.

The most important part is that they get back the correct answers on the recycling at those companies.

This will also be on the agenda again for next month.

Paul suggested that with the next Supervisor election, we look for pro-earth candidates.  As they go around knocking on doors, they could share the recycling information.  Paul will send Linda the posters for citizen’s education on how his community’s recyclables are handed.  Perhaps it could be used as a model for our work on recycling education.  Paul recommends a Netflix series called “Dirty Money” - one episode is on a plastics manufacturer.

Per John, we need to look upstream and should push for more efficient packaging.  At his company, if they changed their packaging process, they could save 430,000 pounds of garbage every year and 53 semis would be taken off the road.  The company was interested because it also saved them money.  But the final decision is up to their customers, the businesses that retail their products.

Richard reminded us of the women in Wisconsin who originally developed the numbering system for recycling plastics – and perhaps they could speak to us (after we determine how to reach them).

Linda moved to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Kasy.  All approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:42pm.

Our next meeting will be March 3, 2021 at 6PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Adams,
Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting
January 6, 2021

Board Members Present: Kasy Culbertson, Buck Smith, Linda Nichols, John Nichols, Janet McConaughey, Kathy Adams, Richard Seibt (Quorum established)

Others: CJ O’Neill, Katherine Heller, Amanda Langer

Meeting called to order at 6:02 PM.

December Minutes:  John moved to approve. Buck seconded.  Approved by all.  Minutes approved unanimously.

Financial 2020 Annual Report was prepared by Paul Moderacki, Treasurer, and emailed to the board.  Buck moved to accept.  Janet seconded.  Approved unanimously.

Financial Report (monthly)–

No activity this past month
$4162.73 current balance

Tech Report (via Linda) – 

The Facebook Donate button project has been abandoned, since a standard address (not PO box) is required.  Instead, we will focus on a button on our future redesigned website ( 

Growing by Seed: Virtual Screening and Chat - ZOOM

The first step was to record the Seedsaving video (hosted by Janet and Kathy Adams). Susanna filmed and edited it.

The video was then screened as part of the “Growing by Seed: Virtual Screening and Chat” (on ZOOM on January 2).  It went well with good questions.  This Zoom video will be edited and then posted publicly on YouTube.  We plan to have an archive of Sustain Jefferson videos.

We are contemplating future topics – perhaps one of these:

Grape vine pruning (by John in Janet’s yard) probably in April
soil amendments
container gardens (Mary Branson and perhaps Ellen)
hypertufa pots (Janet)
wreaths from natural materials (Kasy’s & Richard’s materials)

Other ideas of events: 

Richard thought we could have people sign up, send them the materials and then have a video demonstrating how to weave the grasses from his property.

Linda thought perhaps 2 crafty events each year (we’d charge for them)

On Recycling:  Kasy and Katherine Heller will be discussing.  Katherine had found good information on the county site. 


Book Study (“Bringing Nature Home” by Douglas Tallamy).  The class will individually watch Doug’s “Nature’s Best Hope” webinar on 1/14 in place of next week’s book club meeting.

David Stokes:  Richard praised David Stokes, an educator who does nature programs.  He brings animals and is great with kids. Perhaps we could invite him to do a program (approx. $400).  Please check out the website:  Tom Pease, singer/songwriter often works with him.  This may bring new families into our membership.

Our next meeting will be February 3, 2021 at 6PM.

Buck moved to adjourn the meeting.  Second by Janet.  All approved.  Meeting adjourned at 6:53 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Adams,


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting
December 2 ,2020


Board Members Present: Kasy Culbertson, Buck Smith, Linda Nichols, John Nichols, Janet McConaughey, Kathy Adams, Mike Klaus, Greg David  (Quorum established)

Others: Susannah Fricker, Patrick Nichols, CJ O’Neill, Ellen Klaus, Kathy Heller, Amanda Langer, Paul Moderacki

Meeting called to order at 6:05 PM.

November Minutes:  Kasy moved to approve. John Nichols seconded.  Approved by all.  Minutes approved unanimously.

Financial Report –

.37 October Dividend from Landmark Credit Union

$9.35 from Amazon Smile

$100.00 donation from the Glassfords

$4530.21 current balance

Tech Report –

Susannah reports that the Facebook Donate button is coming along – waiting for one W-9 tax form.  The information transfer of our website to Wix is going well.  Susannah & Linda are meeting to discuss further setup details.


Background: Our board meetings go over the 45 minutes allowed for free ZOOM meetings. ZOOM can also be useful for future educational presentations and demonstrations.

So, a motion was made by Kathy Adams to approve setting up a ZOOM account for Sustain Jefferson ($15.81/month).  Second by Janet. Approved by all.  Motion carried.

Book Study (“Bringing Nature Home” by Douglas Tallamy)

Amanda reports that the 1st book study meeting will be the 1st week of January.  Janet & Amanda are discussing further details.  It has been publicized on Facebook.  Amanda will write up an email draft for Linda to send out to our mailing list.

Seed Potato Sales

Last year, we spent $269 for our order of 155 pounds with a net income of $169.  Some returning customers are interested.  Question: should we do potato sales again in 2021?   Kasy reminded us that we would need to work around COVID guidelines, as we did last year.  Linda will order after this meeting, since the website is already sold out on some varieties.

Discussion:  Ellen suggested that with the increase in gardening in the COVID era, we should sell potatoes AND plants.  We will need to determine when to sow seeds, when to sell the plants, and should we also have a  sale of vegetable starts in the fall?  At our January meeting, we plan to set up the Spring event committee to discuss this further.

Seed Discussion/Demonstration (Virtual)

Janet & Kathy will figure out the details  – possibly Q/A using YouTube and Zoom.  On Dec, 11th, Janet, Linda, Susannah, and Kathy Adams will gather to film.  Susannah will do the taping and editing for a YouTube video.  This would be presented on Zoom.  Linda will do the publicity.

Recycling (led by Kasy):

There are different waste management guidelines, depending on who collects your garbage.  Kasy asked how we might use our website for recycling information.  Per Susannah, our future WIX site would allow us to incorporate a blog which would allow users to communicate publicly in the discussion thread.

We are not certain if our recyclables are actually recycled properly by waste management companies.  What would it take for that to happen?   Economics play heavily into decisions that are made. 

Greg has made rope/lashing from 1 or 2 liter soft drink bottles.  He asks that we save bottles for him for this purpose.  Kathy Adams re-uses 2-liter bottles in gardening (for irrigation and winter-sowing).  Re-purposing is the highest form of recycling.

Kathy Heller suggests we use our website for some of this recycling information (in 2 areas):  what can individuals do (microcosm) & the bigger process of company/community handling and processing of recyclables (macrocosm)

Linda suggests that Kasy tell her & Susannah what she’d like on the website.

Per Paul M - has a bi-weekly blog, “Earth Matters” that he edits.  Sign up for updates!                           


  • Janet shared that the “Preserving our Ixonia Countryside” group needs $8000 for attorney  fees to fight how the township handled the approval of the LPG facility.  A GoFundMe is set up at Ixonia State Bank for this purpose.
  • CJ shared that the village of Johnson Creek will be advertising the spring Village Rummage Sale.  CJ is organizing the sale.  The date is still to be determined.  Of course, this is COVID-dependent.  CJ will donate the use of her garage if we’d like to sell items there for Sustain Jefferson.
  • Kathy A talked about Crown Bees, a native bee company on the west coast.  They have a weekly free “Virtual Visit Thursday” at 1PM PST (11AM CST) that has Q/A and discussion regarding raising native bees. If you’re successful with raising them, they actually have a bee-buy-back program. This program helps distribute native bees to properties similar to the source of the bees.  Check out the website for more information:  CJ mentions that Liz Welsh formerly from Johnson Creek (now in Edmonton in Canada) has raised bees.  Perhaps she could be a source of info for a program.

Our next meeting will be January 6, 2021 at 6PM.

Greg moved to adjourn the meeting.  Second by Buck.  All approved.  Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams,




Sustain Jefferson Annual Meeting & Board Meeting


November 4 ,2020

Board Members Present: Buck Smith, Mike Klaus, Linda Nichols, John Nichols, Kathy Adams, Janet McConaughey, Richard Seibt, Greg David, Kasy Culbertson (Quorum established)

Others: Ellen Klaus, Amanda Langer, Paul Moderacki

Our annual meeting was called to order at 6:07 PM.

Election of Board Members:  Terms of John Nichols, Linda Nichols, and Richard Seibt are ending.

John Nichols – Linda nominated John (he accepted), Mike seconded, approved by all

Linda Nichols – Kasy nominated Linda (she accepted), Janet seconded, approved by all

Richard Seibt – Janet nominated Richard (he accepted), Buck seconded, approved by all

Election of Officers:

President: Richard nominated Linda (she accepted), Janet seconded, approved by all

Vice President: Linda nominated Janet (she accepted), Kasy seconded, approved by all

Secretary: Kasy nominated Kathy (she accepted), Linda seconded, approved by all

Treasurer: Kasy nominated Paul (he accepted), Buck seconded, approved by all

Annual Financial Report – Paul will deliver in January.

Current Financial Report – 

$4420.49 current balance

No expenditures this month

.38 Dividend from Landmark Credit Union

Paul suggested that some income would be necessary since insurance is approximately $1000 each year and our balance has been dropping.  Paul suggested a membership drive. Richard proposed a Facebook Rummage Sale of larger items.

Kasy moved to adjourn the Annual meeting.  Buck seconded, approved by all.  Meeting adjourned at 6:17pm.


November Monthly Board Meeting (began at 6:18 pm)


October Minutes:  Mike noted his name appeared twice as an attendee.  Richard moved to approve the corrected minutes, seconded by Mike. Minutes approved unanimously.

Financial Updates:  See Paul’s current financial report listed above. Peggy Glassford donated $100.  Linda and Susannah are starting to work on a donate button on our FB page.   

Paul reminds us to use with donations designated to Sustain Jefferson. He will update the Amazon donation amount in the annual report for 2020 to be issued in January 2021 . Linda reported that the Amazon donations to SJ are received quarterly.

Tech Report:  Work is being done on the donation button and the website.  Susannah will turn in her hours before the end of the year.

From the 3 Main Areas of Interest (from the summer survey):

In the Landscaping, Permaculture, Foraging Topic: 

Amanda’s main interest is in landscaping and pollinators (biodiversity).  Amanda and Janet discussed a book club as a fairly quick way to get started. Some books of interest were: 

  • In Defense of Food – Michael Pollan
  • Animal, Vegetable, Mineral – Barbara Kingsolver
  • Oil and Honey – Bill McKibben
  • Books by Wendell Berry
  • The Rights of Nature – 
  • Bringing Nature Home – Douglas Tallamy

“Bringing Nature Home” is the selected book. Richard suggested contacting Tallamy - he may like to join in the final zoom after we have completed the reading of the book.

 Janet is most interested in food gardening and food security.  She spoke of a possible YouTube series, canning, preserving, pruning fruit tree episode, lawn alternatives, ethnobotany like medicinal herbs.    Janet said if we had a YouTube channel, we could archive the videos and make them specific to Jefferson County (possible money maker too)  Greg was asked about and said he would be interested in participating, but had questions about who would do the editing – it’s a bit of work.


Plastic Reduction and Recycling Topic: 

Per Kasy, Watertown sent out a very comprehensive guide to recycling within the city.  Kasy’s idea is to do an info chart of comparison among the companies. (even as they are changing) OR work from a common thread which may be single-use plastics.  

Another idea was to set out a table of recyclables along with a quiz, but could be a problem because of different recycling rules per community.

Richard suggested we look into the history of the numbering system – two women from Wisconsin initiated this.  If they are still accessible, maybe they’d be willing to do a zoom conference.  And after that zoom conference, we could have links to all the recycling companies’ websites

Electric Cars Topic: 

John Nichols talked briefly on potential sources of info: their household’s experience with solar used to charge their electric car and might draw upon Ellen’s experience with an electric bike.  

Power companies don’t pay  much for your extra solar-derived electricity.  

Per Richard, DriveSmart Wisconsin is very comprehensible with info on Electric Vehicles  They test drive them, and have rallies.  The  National Electric Automobile Association has had several virtual events over the last few months.  Brad Fons, one of the founders of the Waukesha County Dream Team, would be a good source of information.

Perhaps have a Zoom conference with Ben Nelson on using solar for your car.

No action item on the agenda for Electric Cars


Savanna Institute had a presentation on Silverwood Farm – this prompted a discussion of the S.I. organization, regenerative agriculture, and demo farms.

Janet has paw paw tree seedlings and June bearing strawberries for those who want to dig them up.

Kasy has redbud seedlings now and will have golden raspberries to donate toward a fundraiser next spring.

On the topic of natural burials, Kasy will be reading a book on “wise death”.  Richard said the MREA Sustainability Fair has had workshops on various movements on burials and natural cemeteries.  

Janet remarkably paid only $136 in utilities (gas & electric) for the entire year – with a rooftop solar array  and geothermal heat.

Richard made the motion to adjourn, Mike seconded.   Approved by all.  Meeting adjourned at 7:18pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Adams, Secretary

Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

October 7 ,2020


Board Members Present: Linda Nichols, John Nichols, Kathy Adams, Janet McConaughey, Buck Smith, Mike Klaus, Kasy Culbertson via Phone (Quorum established)

Others: CJ ONeill, Susannah Fricker, Patrick Nichols, Amanda Langer, Paul Moderacki

Our business meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM.

September Minutes:  Buck moved to approve, seconded by Janet. Approved unanimously.

Financial Report:

This month:
$1064 paid for insurance
Deposit of $30.00 from sale of Buck’s furniture item
Dividend $0.42
Beginning Balance = $5483.69
Ending Balance = $4420.11


Hiring a tech assistant: To be paid $20 per hour, not to exceed $600 annually.  Susannah Fricker was interviewed for the position.  Susannah is an artist (teacher) and has used Wix for web design.  She will investigate using Wix as a replacement for our current Drupe site.  Kasy asked about having others trained as backups.  Per Susannah, the bulk of the work would be the site transfer.  After that, finetuning and adding more information would be intuitive.  Susannah could also direct us to tutorials, so anyone could use it, as needed.  Amanda and Susannah concur that Wix could be used for donations and fees. 

Kathy moved that we hire Susannah for the Tech assistant position, Buck Seconded.  Approved by all.  Motion passed.

Per Linda, we should have cross-training on all SJ duties for backup purposes.

Survey:  We chose 3 areas and people to spearhead.  Next month’s agenda will include an idea in each of these areas that we can put into action during COVID limitations.

  • Plastic Reduction and recycling – led by Kasy
  • Landscaping, permaculture, foraging – led by Amanda
  • Green Energy – electric cars, solar, wind energies – led by John Nichols

Facebook Live:   per Susanna, we could do a live broadcast.  Anyone following Sustain Jefferson, could watch the video with at-the-moment access, including Q/A and conversations.

Janet proposed a YouTube channel (for archived videos) with gardening topics local to Watertown area.  We have many talented gardeners in SJ.   Recently, Janet & Linda had demonstrated pickle canning.  That video can be seen on the Waukesha County Green Team YouTube channel.  CJ mentioned the Watertown TV cable channel might also broadcast the videos.

SAVING IXONIA:  Janet reported there is a GoFundMe page for attorney fees ($250,000).  Buck suggested people talk to County Board members prior to the next meeting discussing it.  Paul stated that as a 501C3, we should not donate to “Saving Ixonia” – it would be lobbying.  We can donate as individuals if we want.  Buck will share county board members’ info to Janet, and she will pass it along to “Saving Ixonia”

Buck told us county owned land is to be discussed at an open board meeting next month.

November is our annual meeting to elect board members and appoint officers.  The terms of John Nichols, Linda Nichols, and Richard Seibt are up.

The next meeting will be November 4, 2020 at 5:30 via Zoom.

Linda made a motion to adjourn, Buck seconded.  Meeting adjourned at ~6:20.

Thanks to Linda for sharing the last part of this meeting via email after the secretary’s internet connection failed and she was frozen out of the Zoom meeting!

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams, Secretary


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting
At Riverside Park, Watertown
September 2 ,2020

Board Members Present: Kasy Culbertson, Buck Smith, John Nichols, Mike Klaus, Janet McConaughey (by phone), Kathy Adams, Linda Nichols (Quorum established)

Others: Ellen Klaus, Amanda Langer, Paul Moderacki (by phone briefly)


Our business meeting was called to order at 6:03 PM.

August Minutes:  Linda moved to approve, seconded by Janet. Approved unanimously.

Financial Report:

Dividend $0.46
Amazon Smile income $7.62
Balance = $5453.69

Linda will send out an email to remind people they can support Sustain Jefferson through

Survey:  42 responses.  Ran from July 23rd to Aug 20th

Linda’s overview:

  • FB is getting slightly more traffic then website. 
  • Most people are OK with paying a small fee for events. 
  • Activities attended: most attended garden workshops and speakers.  A few said they had been involved in book studies and viewing movies (but we have not offered as many of those recently).
  • Regarding how they heard about SJ’s activities (in order of frequency):
    • Email
    • Facebook or a friend
    • Local newspaper (Watertown, Jefferson, Fort Atkinson, Lake Mills)
    • radio (WFAW or WSJW 107.3FM 940AM – Fort Atkinson)
    • posters

Survey Topics:  Linda handed out a list of topics of interest, grouped into general themes.  A general discussion of which to pursue followed.  Discussed:

  • Obtaining meat from a farmer
  • medicinal plants
  • foraging
  • specifics about what to recycle & how is it processed by each of our waste management companies (We had a start before COVID and would like to continue)
  • Local foods (CSA shares, meat shares etc.)– perhaps in conjunction with potato event
  • Basic Water Filtration – could be any or all of these: rain gardens, shoreline restoration, clean drinking water in a crisis)
  • Propane and Natural Gas (methane) – environmental impact? Perhaps part on an energy topic.  Mike provided many facts and comparisons between propane and methane
  • Productive Discussions about Controversial Topics (perhaps a book study on “How to Have Impossible Conversations” or a similar book)
  • Local Businesses which are environmentally friendly – reaching out to our local businesses
  • Making a network of local connections for general survival and sustainability
  • Networking with and educating youth (tapping into UW-Whitewater Sustainability resource)

What we can we do now in the time of COVID?

  • Communicate via Facebook – we have 527 people who follow our page.
  • Have a Facebook Live or Zoom program
  • YouTube video and discussion via Zoom (perhaps Amanda Langer on invasive and native plants as part of ecological restoration)
  •  A suggestion that Amanda be a moderator on our Facebook page and add info in her area of expertise
    • A suggestion for this time of year would be to discourage fall garden cleanup – beneficial insects overwinter in those plants
    • One example: anise hyssop is currently visited by many pollinators
  • Suggestion that we send email directing people to our new Facebook posts.
  • Kasy suggested that we each choose 3 topics of interest from the survey - then we could vote on which would be preferred.
  • We can determine interest in Facebook by number of likes and comments.

Save Ixonia – our board members by unanimous email vote agreed that SJ would endorse Save Ixonia’s efforts to stop WE Energies from building the Liquefied Natural Gas storage facility in Ixonia.  We will allow them to use our logo on their website.   Janet updated us on upcoming meetings.  Please see

Kasy spoke about bonding that is required in case of a catastrophe. 

Kasy also shared a printout of an article which she summarized:  All 3 sources of fossil fuels (petroleum, gas, and coal) are heavily subsidized.  Oil is being over-produced right now.   Cost is -$40/barrel.  Because of the overproduction, the storage facilities are full. Freighters filled with oil are floating all over the world, unable to unload it.  Buck added that speculators who bought on contract had to pay to get rid of the oil they could not store

Linda and John spoke about electric cars (Chevy Bolt, in their case).  The range varies but is about ~248 miles on a charge currently.  The Nichols use standard 120 to charge.  An app is used to determine where the next charge station is as they are driving.


Ellen & Mike visited Galena recently.  They biked the Galena River Trail and visited (and highly recommend) the ~85-acre Casper Bluff Land and Water Preservation Reserve, maintained by the Jo Davies Conservation Foundation.   The preserve has a ~15-acre natural cemetery under development.  They spoke to David Casper, who had donated the land.

Other natural cemeteries can be found in Waukesha and near Madison (Verona).

SJ Google Group discussion – goes through Google – SJ does not control or moderate.  When you sign on, there is a disclaimer that says the information is individual opinion and does not reflect the opinions of Sustain Jefferson, officers, or members.

At the request of the Waukesha County Green Team, Janet and Linda will be filmed as they demonstrate how to can pickles.  The film will then be viewed via Zoom and will include a Q/A session.

Citizens Climate Lobby will be sending postcards to promote voter registration.

We plan to meet again at Riverside Park on October 7, 2020 at 5:30

John made the motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Buck.  Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm.                                                                                                                                 

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Adams, Secretary


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting
At Riverside Park, Watertown
August 5 ,2020


Board Members Present: Buck Smith, John Nichols, Mike Klaus, Janet McConaughey, Kathy Adams, Linda Nichols (by phone) (Quorum established)

Others: Ellen Klaus, Amanda Langer, Paul Moderacki (by phone briefly)

Our business meeting was called to order at 6:07 PM.

July Minutes:  John moved to approve, seconded by Janet. Approved unanimously.

Financial Report:

Dividend .46

Balance = $5445.61 as of 7/31/2020.

Survey Results:  It was sent out in July and there were 27 responses.

All but one of the respondents would be willing to pay for our educational offerings.   The respondents offered many excellent ideas of programs they would be interested in.   Three of the respondents offered to share a skill or present programs.   Doug Marconnet, a volunteer with the Climate Reality project, offered to present a program on climate change- the problem and solutions.

Regarding our social media:  44% check the website; 42% check or receive posts from our Facebook page.

How did they hear about our events:  77% from our email blasts; 40% on Facebook; 22% from a friend; 18% from website; 14% from newspaper; 14% from posters

Linda will send out a reminder and keep the survey open for 2 more weeks by posting an end date.

Rummage Sale:

We tabled participation in the upcoming Johnson Creek Community wide sale this month.  Perhaps next spring.

Tech Assistant: Hiring is on hold.


John Ikerd is rescheduled to speak at “Preserving our Ixonia Countryside” in August 2021.  The organization will use our donation of $250 towards John’s expenses as originally intended.

Janet reported that Ixonia’s Town Board voted 3:2 to allow the building of a WE Energies’ Liquified Natural Gas storage facility on North Avenue, 1 mile from the elementary school.  The area is zoned agricultural, but a variant is being applied for. It is up for comment at the next board meeting.  There is an informational meeting 10:00 on Saturday, August 8th at Janet Faust’s home.  

Amanda Langer works for a Madison company that does ecological restoration and sustainable landscaping with native plants.  She is motivated to bring native plants back in our landscapes.  She worked with MREA for a number of years doing policy work and helped with the Energy Fair.  She would be willing to do a program for us in the future.

Climate Voters:  CCL will be sending a mailing about becoming a Climate Voter 

Next meeting will be at 6PM on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at Riverside Park.

Buck made the motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Mike.  Meeting adjourned at 6:37 pm.   

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams, Secretary


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting
At Riverside Park, Watertown
July 1 ,2020


Board Members Present: Kasy Culbertson, Greg David, Mike Klaus, Janet McConaughey, Linda Nichols, Buck Smith, Kathy Adams (Quorum established)

Others: Ellen Klaus

Our business meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM.

June Minutes:  Kasy moved to approve, seconded by Janet. Approved unanimously.

We had donated $250 to Preserving Our Ixonia Countryside for travel expenses for John Ikerd, the planned speaker for their June event.  The event was cancelled due to COVID-19.  Linda will contact Janet Faust of the organization about the use or perhaps return of these funds.

Financial Report:

Income of $50

Plant Sales ($30) and Membership ($20)

Dividend .49

Expenses of $625.88

                $470 for domain name (for 10 years) and $155.8 for inmotion hosting

Balance = $5280 as of 7/1/2020.

Asparagus was not purchased to sell at the spring event.  (Its purchase had been approved pre-COVID) So that amount was not drawn from our account.

Book Recommendation from Paul Moderacki:  The 6th Extinction

Survey:  The trial survey was sent to all of us.  Greg approved that the survey be sent out.  Seconded by Janet.  Approved.

Rummage Sale:  Johnson Creek Community Rummage Sale – August 28-29.  Help would be needed on Thursday Aug 27 and the sales days.  Facemasks will be required. 

Tech Assistant Position: Not yet filled – waiting for our ideal candidate’s reply.  It would be paid at an hourly rate – keeping it at $600 annually.  We will consult with Richard S on what would be a good rate of pay.  

A future goal would be to have an annual donation drive via email.


  • Citizen Utility Board (CUB) – check out their site   for info on energy costs and updates on utility activities
  • Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change – spearheaded by Lt Gov Mandela Barnes -  It has virtual listening sessions.  And there is a form for comments (Through 7/31)
  • Yvonne Duesterhoeft, Veteran Services officer of Jefferson County hopes to change land use plans and codes to allow tiny houses for veterans and low-income people.  Stay tuned for future info.

Next meeting: will be again at Riverside Park on 8/5

Mike made the motion to adjourn.  Kasy seconded.  Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 6:54 pm                                                                                                                                                   

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams, Secretary



Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

At the home of John & Linda Nichols

June 3 ,2020

Board Members Present: Kasy Culbertson, Mike Klaus, Janet McConaughey, John Nichols, Linda Nichols, Richard Seibt, Buck Smith, Kathy Adams (Quorum established)

Others: Ben Adams, CJ O’Neil

Our business meeting was called to order at 6:08 PM.

March Minutes:  Kasy Culbertson moved to approve, seconded by Buck Smith. Approved unanimously.

Note: We did not meet in April or May due to COVID-19 concerns.

We had donated $250 to Preserving Our Ixonia Countryside for travel expenses for John Ikerd, the planned speaker for their June event.  The event was cancelled due to COVID-19.  Linda will contact Janet Faust of the organization about the use or perhaps return of these funds.

Financial Report:

Reported by Linda Nichols:

In March:

0.48 dividend
$250 Withdrawal for Preserving our Ixonia Countryside
$10 withdrawal for Wisconsin Dept of Financial institutions

In April:

$437 deposit – received for plants and potatoes
0.46 dividend
$56.00 withdrawal for post office box rental.

In May:  No activity.

Current Balance = $6020.54


Report on Seedling and Potato Sales:

Linda sent an email on May 8th to the board members and Spring Event committee members with the information summarized here:

$269 spent on seed potatoes

145 pounds were sold.  The remaining 10 pounds were planted by Kathy & Linda at the Adams.  The harvest from these will be donated in the fall to area food pantries.

$48 received for the seedlings and $414 for the potatoes 

The COVID-19 non-event earned us $193.00.

We had sent a check for the rental of the Johnson Creek Community Center.  After the COVID-19 cancellation, the un-cashed check was returned to us. 


SJ Tech Assistant Position:

Per Paul M, Treasurer, there are 5 options:

  1. Hire a part time employee
    1. SJ would need to hold taxes and social security and carry insurance for them.
  2. Pay someone hourly for services provided solely as an at-will independent contractor
    1. He/she would receive 1099-Misc if paid $600 or more over the course of the year.  No SJ responsibility for their tax and SS payments.
  3. Pay someone as an at-will independent contractor a mutually agreed upon amount on a job by job basis
    1. He/she would receive 1099-Misc if paid $600 or more over the course of the year.  No SJ responsibility for their tax and SS payments.
  4. Hire a college or high school student as an intern to get experience, enter this on their resume, and get a SJ reference for future job searches.
  5. Someone could work for SJ on the side and stop before they met the $600 threshold.

Richard, CJ, and Linda have ideas for possible candidates.

Richard made the motion that Linda would contact Ben Nelson about this SJ tech assistant position.  Buck seconded and all approved.

Due to COVID-19, it is hard to plan. But we discussed:                           

  • Since the cancellation of our “Ask the Expert” Spring Event, we could have a person do a virtual on-line talk with Q/A after. 
  • Watch for future community garage/rummage sales that we could be part of.  Larger items could be sold on Facebook Marketplace.
  • We had another burlap bag discussion. Kasy moved that we table the discussion for 2 months – Richard suggested October. 
  • Mike asked if anyone had received input on the “Burma Shave” signs.  The signs by Mike’s farm on Boomer St. had been taken.  Should we put signs back up again?   Kasy suggested we used the “Burma Shave” sign approach to come up with new verbiage that would be more appropriate during this Coronavirus time 
  • Richard suggested if we have a technical assistant, our website could include a library of short videos of member-made sustainable videos.  And could include links to other appropriate videos.
  • We discussed toilet paper alternatives as a sustainability issue (and in a time of perceived shortages).
  • Survey to find topics of interest for SJ to pursue: We have a list of 348 email addresses, CJ has experience with this and suggested Survey Monkey to tally results.  CJ plans to write up an initial survey.
  • Richard suggested the possibility of making 5-10 minute videos on the topics identified from the survey.


Richard reported that High Meadows Farms sells their produce online on Wednesdays and organizes pick up times there also.  They sell some great tomato cages.

Ben Adams reminds us that the Food Pantry has ample supplies of food for anyone with hunger issues in the Watertown school district.  There are fewer customers than usual right now.  All pantries in Jefferson County have same issue, per CJ.

Kathy reported that the Sinnissippi Solar project has been delayed until 2024 due to required transmission line upgrades. More details to come.   Richard mentioned CUB (Citizens Utility Board) as a good source for transmission line info.

There was a short discussion of possible government projects to use unemployed people to build the infrastructure required for alternative energies. In the past, there were farmers/laborers who could do this (Citizen Conservation Corp,?).  Which brought us back to the point that people need to learn more basic life skills

Janet asked if people watched Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans”.  Buck thought it dis-serviced bio-fuel use.   Here in Jefferson County, we have hundreds of 1000’s of ash trees that are dying, which could be used for down-draft gasification (rather than using healthy woodlands). 

Janet is reading the non-fiction “The Girls of Atomic City” about the highly secretive atomic bomb project.  The US government acquired 60,000 Tennessee acres by eminent domain – to build the 75,000 people city of Oak Ridge.  Janet recommended this book (to see what our government is capable of)

John made the motion to adjourn. Richard seconded.  All approved.  Meeting adjourned at 7:21 pm.

Next Meeting:  July 1   (possibly at Nichols)                       

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Adams, Secretary



Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

At the home of Janet McConaughey

March 4 ,2020

Board Members Present:     Linda Nichols, Buck Smith, Richard Seibt, Mike Klaus, Greg David, Janet McConoughey, Kathy Adams  (Quorum established)

Others: Kathy Heller, Ellen Klaus, CJ O’Neill, and Janet Faust

Janet Faust spoke to us about “Preserving our Ixonia Countryside” to be held on June 14th at the Oconomowoc Community Center and preparations for that.  She discussed the Socially Responsible Agriculture page at  John Ikerd will be speaking.  His housing and food are taken care of, but money is needed to cover travel expenses.

Our business meeting was called to order at 6:15 PM.

February Minutes:  Mike Klaus moved to approve, seconded by Janet McConaughey. Approved unanimously.

Financial Report:

ANNUAL Report: Paul Moderacki provided a revised Annual Report report (1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019).  Printed copies were distributed to those who had not received them earlier.   Greg David moved to approve, seconded by Richard Seibt & the report was approved unanimously.

March Report:

Income:  .47 in dividends and 9.22 from Amazon Smile.
Expenses: $269 to the Vermont Potato Company
Balance of $5867.07 as of 3/3/2020

Technology Assistant Job Descriptions:

                Discussion began on a part-time paid position with the assistant to

Check incoming SJ emails
Send out e-mail blasts (348 emails) as directed by president.
Create “event” e-mails if needed.
Keep the website updated (quarterly). We should update to Drupal’s new website version.
The website donation button must work (with Square). 
Attend SJ events and take pictures for posting on Facebook and Instagram.
They would need to keep a time sheet.   Hours would variable.
Discussions:  Perhaps a student intern?   
Paul will check on tax implications.
More discussions to come.

Spring Gardening Event Everything you wanted to know about Gardening, but were afraid to ask” and Spudfest and seedling sale on April 18,2020 (9-noon with 8AM setup) will be held at Johnson Creek Community Center.    

Seedlings have been sown and are growing at Kathy’s, Linda’s and Greg’s places.

Greg will be ordering asparagus and offered to also order some for SJ’s event.

Linda moved that Greg spend no more than $90 for asparagus crowns to be sold at the SJ Spring Event.  Richard seconded.  Approved by all.

The 4 tables in corners with experienced gardeners would be focused on:

Greg -- mushrooms, asparagus, garden prep, and restorative gardening
Janet – soil, favorite tools, worm box, refractometer (to measure plant health/brix)
Ellen – Peppers, garlic, seed-starting, sheet mulch gardening
John – attracting bees, orchards, or anything else needed.

The next Spring Garden committee is scheduled for Thursday, March 19th at 9:30 at Greg’s

Johnson Creek Rummage Sale (April 24-25).  CJ had again graciously offered her garage for us to setup tables for sales to profit Sustain Jefferson.  We will need many volunteers.  CJ will register us.

Buck is donating many things and others are donating small amounts.

Sewing Group for Plastic Reductions:  Tuesday, March 10th – 2PM at Linda’s house.

Donation for “Preserving out Ixonia Countryside” Buck moved that we provide $250 towards John Ikerd’s travel expenses.  Seconded by Greg.  Approved unanimously.

Plastics Problem – Ellen suggested a focus on encouraging people to contact businesses to reduce sales of plastic or make biodegradable containers. And then use social media to boost the message to reach thousands.  For example: Aldi may have made a commitment to make all plastics compostable by 2025.     Linda suggested we should think about a specific topic, specific issue, and a specific target. Can we impact other businesses to make similar changes to Aldi’s.

Emergency Preparedness:   We talked about vacuum sealing foods for food preservation.   Buck spoke about the opportunity to sell packaged goods to families who want to be prepared.  Other topics briefly touched on:  preserving carrots in wet sand, preserving eggs in solution or in the freezer, and oven-canning dried goods in canning jars.   This would be a good topic for a fall event, usually in September.

Announcements: Ellen reported that Prairie Enthusiast Group has funds and labor for people who want to maintain or improve their prairies.

Janet – reported on a woman who started a website using Freedom of Information Act.  For every bill that comes into Wisconsin legislature, she asks for copies of emails and evaluates the will of the people to see if the Assembly voted as the people wished.  

Greg spoke about and recommended a periodical he reads called “Epoch Times” published by Epoch Media Group out of California.  He had a few copies to share.

Discussion followed on the coronavirus including Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity daily YouTube videos and deep pantries.

Book Recommendations: “The OverStory” and “The Life of Increase Lapham” (for a taste of Wisconsin history)

Possible Quarantine WAS discussed mid-way and we realize plans may change dependent on that.

Our next meeting with Potluck was scheduled to be held at the Nichols house at 5:30 on April 1, 2020.

Greg moved to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Mike.  Approved by all.  The business meeting was adjourned at 7:47 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams, Secretary


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

February 12, 2020


We met at Wisconsin Makers on Clay Street in Whitewater. 

Board Members Present: Mike Klaus; Buck Smith; Janet McConaughey; John Nichols; Linda Nichols; Kasy Culbertson; Kathy Adams  (Quorum established)

Other Members and visitors: Kathy Heller; Ellen Klaus; John Harrington; CJ O’Neill; Jean Brooks; Steve Rothe, Dan Hicks, Hank Wiedmeyer.

Our short business meeting was called to order at 6:13 PM.

January Minutes:  John Nichols moved to approve, seconded by Janet McConaughey. Approved unanimously.

Financial Report was presented by Linda Nichols.  We have $5857.38 balance in our checking account. 

The only expenditure for the month was for seed potatoes to be sold at Spring event (to be picked up in April)

We reviewed the hard copy ANNUAL Category Summary report (1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019).

Kasy Culbertson moved to approve, seconded by Buck Smith & the report was approved unanimously.

Spring Gardening Event on April 18,2020 will be held at Johnson Creek Community Center. 

We will sell the seed potatoes and seedlings.   People will meet to sow flats of cold season vegetables in Kathy Adams basement on Saturday Feb 29 at 2PM.  The Nichols and Adams will care for the seedlings under grow lights until the sale. 

We will have 4 tables set up in the Community Center with some of our gardening experts.

Other tables will be manned by UW-Whitewater students who will have a display of their student gardens for the benefit of Whitewater Food Pantry.

Amanda Langer will have a table set up on Invasive species.

And More to come…

Johnson Creek Community Rummage Sale (April 24-25).  CJ has graciously offered her garage for us to setup tables for sales to profit Sustain Jefferson.  We will need many volunteers.  CJ will find out more about getting listed and perhaps maps.

Buck is donating a file cabinet for SJ use.

Sewing Group for Plastic Reductions:  There will be a Sewing meeting to make Market Bags (crafted from the Berres Brothers burlap bags or plastic feed bags on March 10th – 2PM at Linda’s house.

Announcements: Free viewing of “Paris to Pittsburg” on Saturday, February 15, 10AM  at MATC in Watertown (co-sponsored by Sustain Jefferson and Citizen’s Climate Lobby)

Our next meeting will be a potluck at 5:30pm on March 4th at the home of Janet McConaughey.

Buck Smith moved to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by John Nichols.  Approved by all.  The business meeting was adjourned at 6:27 pm.

Afterwards, Pete Spangler talked about the Maker Space and its needs.  There are many ways to volunteer.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams, Secretary


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2020

Board Members Present: Linda & John Nichols, Kasy Culbertson, Richard Seibt, Kathy Adams, Greg David.  Quorum established      

Board Members Not Present: Mike Klaus, Buck Smith, Janet McConaughey

Others in attendance: Jean Brooks

The meeting was called to order at 6:17 PM.

January Minutes:  Kasy moved to approve.  Richard seconded.  Minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  As relayed by Linda Nichols:  Paul reported $6125.86 as our current balance.  We earned a .52 dividend on our account this month. And had an expenditure of $14.00 for a Facebook Boost.

Linda is evaluating e-commerce options.  She’s looking into Square on-line and will report on it later.

Plastic Reduction Action:

Team members will meet on Tuesday, January 14th at 2:30 at Linda’s house to make Farmers Market Produce Bags.  Others interested in distributing these are: Watertown Farmers Market, the head librarian at Johnson Creek Public Library, and the owners of Sweet Talking Treats. 

We also have feed bags and burlap bags that were donated recently with the possibility of creating larger bags and perhaps will have our logo printed on them. 

Greg created and displayed 3 styles of created bags sourced from the extremely durable polyethylene feed bags or pellet bags:

  • basic 5-minute version
  • a stylish one-hour version of a messenger bag with pockets. 
  • A 2-hour backpack (adjustable)

Straps are made from 3” strips cut from the diameter of the bag that are “welded” with a soldering iron.  Greg plans to work with us at the Tuesday meeting to create these.   Perhaps they could be sold for SJ fund-raising.  Greg also proposed making a YouTube video.  Linda proposed using them for collecting garden harvests.

Roadside signs (Burma-Shave style) – Kasy has all of them at her house for keeping through the winter.  We can put them out again in the spring.

Spring Event:

April 18th from 9 to noon at the Johnson Creek Community Center. 

Tables will be set up for seed potato sales, seedling sales, and other tables setup for gardening related topics: High Meadows CSA, perhaps MOSES (and others (TBD). 

We will have tables set up with our gardening experts answering individual’s questions in 15 minute long sessions.  The experts would be Greg (possible topics: mushrooms, preparing a new garden area), John (possibly fruit trees?), and others TBD

Discussion of sharing the information from the Q/A expert sessions:  options, assigning a secretary for each.

Next committee meeting will be at 2:30 on Jan 29th at Harvest Market at the Watertown Regional Medical Center.

WISCONSIN MAKERS - 200 E. Clay Street, Whitewater

February 12th 6pm (We will also have a short board meeting). The meeting has been posted on our Facebook page and SJ website. 

Reminder: some of us should take photos for our website, Facebook page, and future PowerPoint presentation.


The Market is under new management. 

Last year, The Farmer’s Market provided booth space 2 Saturday mornings per season for educational non-Profits.  We should be able to apply in January. 

Ideas for the Farmers Market: Sell our SJ “Plastic Reduction” feed bags. 

  • Discussion on whether we should sell our surplus vegetables.  Is it allowed? Would we be competing against the vendors if sell vegetables?
  • Greg suggested that for one of those weekends, we could demo how to make the re-purposed bags.  And sell them too.
  • Richard proposed showing our video (yet-to-be-made)
  • Kathy will contact the manager about reserving a booth.


Olbrich Gardens Open House on Feb 15th (9am – 5pm) will include a community iron pour with FeLion Studios (

Frank’s Mill in Jefferson – Joe may set up a deposit for returned bags from the feed he sells.  This could be a source for our Plastic-reduction project bags.  Greg is investigating this.

Greg moved that the meeting be adjourned, John seconded.  Approved unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM

Our next board meeting will be short (before or after the Wisconsin Makers presentation)

at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at


200 E Clay St.



Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams, Secretary




Sustain Jefferson Annual Board Meeting

December 4, 2019

Board Members Present: Linda & John Nichols, Kasy Culbertson, Buck Smith, Richard Seibt, Kathy Adams, Greg David, Janet McConaughey    (Quorum established)        Not Present: Mike Klaus   Others: C.J. ONeill, Jean Brooks, Paul Moderacki via Facetime, John Trampush (visiting from Alaska), Pete Stengler of Wisconsin Makers (Whitewater)

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 PM.

Three board seats are expiring and need to be filled:

  • Board member:  Mike Klaus was nominated by Kasy Culbertson, Linda Nichols seconded, and was approved unanimously
  • Board member:  Buck Smith was nominated by Richard Seibt, Linda Nichols seconded, and was approved unanimously
  • Board member:  Kasy Culbertson was nominated by Kathy Adams, Buck Smith seconded, and was approved unanimously

Officers for 2020:

  • President:  Linda Nichols nominated by Kasy Culbertson, Janet McConaughey seconded, approved unanimously
  • Vice President: Janet McConaughey nominated by Linda Nichols, Richard seconded, approved unanimously
  • Treasurer: Paul Moderacki nominated by Richard Seibt, seconded by Buck, approved unanimously
  • Secretary: Kathy Adams – nominated by C.J., seconded by Buck Smith, approved unanimously.  Kathy will also be named on the bank account - to write checks to back up President, Linda.  

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Paul reported $6139.34 as our current balance.    Most notable this year was reduced insurance costs - dropped from ~$1600 to ~$1200 per year with a new insurer (and same coverage).  $7000 balance is recommended.  Paul suggest a bigger effort to have members renew annual membership.  In the past, we used mail or email reminders.  The website has a donation button that gives the P.O. Box for mailing checks. Since we are a 501C3, dues and donations are tax deductible.  Linda could send out an email blast to the big list to encourage everyone to contribute.

Discussion of website change to allow online payments.  Drupal is our website designer. 

  • Paul researched some choices earlier – they had features we wouldn’t use and were too costly. 
  • Richard suggested we check if our current website host has an e-commerce option. 
  • Another option would be to have a 2nd account that receives all payments – those funds get transferred to the main account monthly.  This 2nd account would prevent the main account from being hacked. 
  • Linda will check about the ecommerce option. If that’s not possible, she will contact Kim Miller.
  • Richard also mentioned the possibility of a form that could be emailed.  It would be very manual, as they must be processed individually.
  • Richard asked if we have dual authentication.

October Minutes were approved by Richard, seconded by Linda and approved unanimously.  (A snowstorm caused us to cancel the November meeting)

Report on Fall Speaker Event (Kirsten Jurcek on “Grazing as Sustainable Farming”).  We were glad to see some young farmers in attendance and the Citizens Climate Lobby representatives were pleased with the information provided.  Considering the low attendance, maybe the focus was too narrow for the community. 

A Facebook boost was used to promote this fall event. To pay for this, reimbursement is requested - $10 to Ellen Klaus and $19 to Linda Nichols.  Kasy moved to approve the expenditure and it was seconded by Richard.   Approved unanimously

Plastic Reduction Team Report:   Watertown Public Library’s Thursday afternoon Farmers Market co-ordinator requested that we make the re-usable cloth product bags for her vendors (for customers who don’t bring their own bag).  Team members will meet 2:30pm on Tuesday, January 14th at Linda’s home to sew more bags.  Bring machines, fabric, and supplies.

Related Demo: Greg demonstrated a backpack he constructed from a feed sack (without sewing!). It was waterproof and comfortably held ~11 pounds of cargo.  He also brought another tote bag (not-waterproof) created from a different feed bag.  We could possibly put our logo on it.  Maybe a workshop?  Greg plans to come with the bag to the January 14 Plastics reduction meeting. 

Linda suggested that if we are going to any events, we could hand out some of our SJ flyers there.

Spring Event:  Committee members will be Linda, Janet, Kathy, Richard (as an alternate), Buck, Greg, and Jean Brooks.  One of our 1st orders of business will be to order potatoes.  The 1st committee meeting will be on 1/8/2020 at 3:30, prior to the January board meeting on the same date. 

Ecology Club Report:  Janet McConaughey has a good relationship with the grade school her grandchildren attend.  With her (and Linda Nichols) assistance, 4th Graders created a recycling program of songs and dances for other classes.  The 3rd graders made an alphabetic train of recyclable items to be hung on the cafeteria wall.  Several possible projects next semester: 

  • Brett (manager for solid wastes for Jefferson County) has a compost bin for them.
  • Dodge County Extension – A bee program (with costumes!!)
  • Waukesha County Green Team will lead assembly on recycling.
  • Oconomowoc High School ecology club may make a bench from recyclable plastic
  • In spring, go outside to identify buckthorn and garlic mustard to start an eradication program on the school grounds.

Pete Stengler of Wisconsin Makers visited our meeting. 

Wisconsin Makers is a fully built-out maker space in Whitewater.  They have part-time employees through a job-training grant.  Supplies such as 3D printer and a foundry were made possible through another grant.  A few of the many items that are made there:   3D printed silicone molds (for chocolates).  They just got a large supply of ink for their silk screen process.  They have a lot of technology.  

Membership dues are $27.50 (contrasted with Madison’s $50/month and Milwaukee’s $40/month).  They discount for college students (pay per semester).  They also have family and home-school rates.

Greg suggested a meeting or event there to familiarize us with it.  We will have our February monthly meeting at Wisconsin Makes on February 12th at 6PM The address is 200 E. Clay Street, Whitewater.  Pete has connections to Fort and other regional newspapers to publicize the meeting. 

The maker space has 5 durable Nylon Gardening containers (46”x46”x30” high) – perhaps to be used for demoes for year round gardening or aquaponics, a senior facilitated living center,  or many other possibilities.  Unfortunately, they haven’t been used at this point. There is some interest in buying them.

Pete told us of a few upcoming events –

For more information: see Wisconsin Makers Inc. on Facebook at

Announcements:  UW-Whitewater’s Sustainability Studies department arranged a Climate Change in Wisconsin panel discussion in November.  Kathy Adams, Ben Adams, and Jean Brooks attended. Perhaps the UWW Sustainability students could be a program source later.

Kathy discussed the possibility of starting a Meetup group to publicize events.  Linda suggested that if we are going to an event, we could post on Facebook to see if others would like to carpool.

Greg offered Chinese-American hybrid chestnuts seedlings (from a friend).  Those interested are to contact him.  Greg also mentioned a Hydroponics auction at wholesale prices (near Montello) next week. 

Our next board meeting will be a potluck at 5:30pm, January 8, 2020 at the Adams’ house – N7980 County X, Watertown.

Richard moved that we adjourn, Linda seconded – approved unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 7:24.



Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

October 2, 2019


Board Members Present: Kasy Culbertson, Linda & John Nichols, Buck Smith, Richard Seibt, Kathy Adams, Greg David, Janet McConaughey by phone   (Quorum established)        Not Present: Mike Klaus

Other Members: Kim Miller, Dale Konle; Paul Moderacki via Facetime

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 PM.

Minutes:  Richard Seibt moved to approve, seconded by John Nichols … Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report by Paul Moderacki:   We are now insured by West Bend Insurance Company.  For the same coverage as ANI, we will be paying ~$600 less per year.

  • ANI Premium (former insurance) = $1623/year
  • West Bend Insurance Company Premium = $1047/year

Sept. Checking Report:   .59 Dividend    Balance is $7222.13 as of 9/30/19   Our website hosting payment will show up next month:  $131/year

Report on the SE Wisconsin consortium: a collaboration meeting with Waukesha County Green Team and others:  Richard said that it was an encouragement for struggling groups. 

Our Regenerative Agriculture presentation, “Grazing as Sustainable Farming“, with Kirsten Jurcek as the featured speaker will be held Wednesday, October 16, at 7 p.m. at the Johnson Creek Community Center.  This was part of Johnson Creek Public Library’s program for the weeklong Wisoncin’s Science Festival.   Cookies will be donated.  Ditizen’s Climate Lobby will have a table.  We are to arrive at 6:30 to set up.

Plastics Reduction:  2 sets of the “Burma-Shave” anti-plastic jingles have been posted on County X and Boomer Street.

In January, some of us will meet to make more sewing bags for Farmer’s Markets.   

Next month, CJ will bring the letters she has received (on our plastics projects) from our Sustain Jefferson’s PO Box.

Ecology Club at Ixonia Elementary School –directed by the students with Janet’s assistance.   The Ecology Club incorporates the school garden and recycling.  20 children so far.  Some of their activities are to make games and create songs.  They have joined with the cafeteria to streamline the waste management.  They could use a leader.

Future ideas for programs:

Linda Nichols communicated with Amanda Langer who could be a possible speaker on different topics such as Landscape for Birds, Butterflies, and Bees; Monarchs, Climate Change, Sustainability. 
Perhaps Organic Valley could sponsor a program or provide a speaker.  

Richard advised that we vet speakers we are not yet familiar with.


Per Richard, The Greenfield Public Library will have a DriveSmart event including a potluck on Saturday, October5th

Janet informed us about a National Solar Tour from 10-4 also on Saturday

Next meeting: (the annual board meeting and a potluck):  Wednesday, November 6th, 5:30 pm   at Kim Miller & Dale Konle’s home at N6240 Stonewood Drive (off of Highway B) Watertown.               

Adjournment:  Motion made by Richard Seibt, seconded by Buck Smith.  Adjourned at 6:58 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams, Secretary


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

September 4, 2019


Present: Linda & John Nichols, Frankie Fuller, Tom Levi, Buck Smith, Jude Christenson, Richard Seibt, C.J. O'Neil, Janet McConoughey, Mike & Ellen Klaus, Greg David, Kasy Culbertson

Absent: Kathy Adams

1. Linda has appointed Richard Seibt to fill John Harrington's board position. Janet made the motion to accept and Mike seconded.  Unanimously approved. Welcome Richard!   Elections will be held in November.

2. Minutes from August meeting were approved. John 1st and Mike seconded.  Unanimously approved.

3. Paul appeared via facetime. Our current balance is $7,221.54. Insurance bill of approximately $1800 will be due later this month. Discussion regarding the need for insurance followed, with an agreement to keep it for liability concerns and individual board member's protection for lawsuits.


Paul pointed out how significant the push against single use plastic is in California. There is a September 20 Climate Strike in all major cities. We should contact one another for carpooling to the event.

* We distributed 45 cloth produce bags to vendors at the Ft. Atkinson Farmer's Market. Included

inside was a bookmark from SJ, containing the Natural Step principles and an encouragement

to reduce plastic use. Jude made about 30 bags which will be distributed to 3 other farmer's

markets. We will make more for the opening of markets next spring.

* Linda sent out the letter our ad hoc plastics committee had drafted to 9 large retailers. A list of the addresses is posted on the SJ Facebook page and our website. The only reply we received was from Costco.

Kasy made a motion to allow Linda to write a similar letter to local newspaper editors. Greg seconded.  Unanimousy approved.

We'll paint our Burma shave type signs on Tuesday, September 17, 2:30 at the Nichols farm.

5. Our Regenerative Agriculture presentation, “Grazing as Sustainable Farming“, with Kirsten Jurcek as the featured speaker will be held Wednesday, October 16, at 7 p.m. at the Johnson Creek Community Center. Our intended audience is land owners, farmers and anyone interested in regenerative ag.  Ideas for spreading the word: High Meadow Farm, Tall Pines Conservancy, Franks Mill, UW-Extension, FFA's, Rock River Coalition and 4-H Clubs.     Ellen & Linda will work on this.

6. We decided to accept Fort Atkinson's Farmer's Market invitation to have a booth at 2 of their markets in 2020. We can spread the word about SJ and possibly sell food items. July and September

would be ideal. Richard made the motion, with a 2nd by Mike. Unanimously approved. Linda will contact them.

7. We discussed the upcoming consortium involving SE Wisconsin sustainability groups,

organized by Dec Schneider of the Waukesha Green Team. It will be held September 14 in Elm

Grove, Linda, Mike and Ellen are registered to attend. Kasy, Richard and Greg will also

consider registering.

8. Frankie Fuller explained that Heart of the City, through the Glacial Heritage Solar program,

would like to do another solar panel offering, with group discounts. She asked for the support of

SJ in supporting this program. Greg made the motion to do so, with a 2nd by Buck. All

approved, with an abstention by Richard, since he is involved with another group-buy program.

The next meeting will be on October 2nd at home of Kasy Culbertson

Adjournment at 8:00.

Submitted by Ellen Klaus



Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 

at the home of Janet McConaughey in Oconomowoc


Board Members Present:  Kathy Adams, Mike Klaus, Janet McConaughey, John Nichols, Linda Nichols, Buck Smith (Quorum established)

Others Members Present: Ellen Klaus, CJ O’Neill, Ben Adams, Mary Branson

As we waited for everyone to arrive, we tasted and voted on seed trial cucumber varieties that Janet had grown in her garden.

The meeting was Called to order at 6:18

July minutes: The motion was made to approve them by Mike Klaus, seconded by Buck Smith.  Minutes were then approved by all.

Financial Report:  via email from Paul Moderacki, Treasurer

Balance was $7214.93.

One check was written for $20.00 to Ben Adams (driving rummage sale items from Monona to JC) 

Dividend of $0.61 credited on July 31.

Plastics Reduction Action Team update:  To date, 37 bags re-usable produce bags were sewn by team members.

Inserted in the bags was the neon green SJ flyer and a simple note regarding the purpose of the bag. Kathy Adams will donate these bags to vendors at the Fort Atkinson Farmers Market on 7/10/19. 

Discussion on “Burma Shave” type signs with a waste-reduction message:  We are re-using some signs and holders – they will be spray-painted by Ben & Buck.  Kathy Heller will do the text on the signs.    Possible posting locations and regulations were discussed.

Ellen has composed the plastic reduction letter (to be sent to some businesses).  She will update the Facebook Page with addresses and the letter to encourage all caring citizens to make their voice heard.  John and Janet will send out the letter to some of the businesses we discussed.

--Ellen showed us some bleach tablets.  Another way to reduce plastic and keep the emptied gallon bottles that once held liquid bleach out of the landfills.

Further discussion on the Fall Event:

New proposal:

Abby Armor, librarian at the Johnson Creek Public Library is organizing a program at the library (as part of the weeklong Wisconsin’s Science Festival).  On October 19th  Dr. Stan Temple is coming to discuss “Aldo Leopold and Conservation on Private Lands”.  Ms Armor will do posters and advertising for the week’s events. 

Abby is looking for eco- friendly organizations to hold events in the week prior to Dr Temple’s talk. Greg D. will contact Kirsten of Brattsett Family Farms to speak on an evening in that preceding week.  John moved that we offer Kirsten $100 to speak at our event. Seconded by Janet. Motion carried. 

Discussion of Wild Apricot membership management software:  too sophisticated and costly for our group.  

Linda proposed some money-making ventures:

  • Thinking ahead to spring (on some Saturday) we could sell potatoes and seedlings (started by a group of us), books, canning jars, etc. perhaps having a table of 3 gardening experts.
  • Another idea is to sell our surplus fresh garden produce this fall as a SJ money maker. 
  • Could also sell hypertufa pots and/or bird baths cast from rhubarb leaves


Greener Oconomowoc plans - 

On the 3rd Thursday in October, Vik Karolinis is moderator in a recycling discussion

Earth Day - they may have a teachable Community Wide Scavenger Hunt - perhaps SJ could be one of the stations?

Buck had the idea that if the “Burma Shave” signs are popular, we could sell them. 


Next meeting will begin with a potluck at Mike & Ellen’s home on September 4th, 5:30 pm

Motion to adjourn made by Mike, seconded by Janet - passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams

Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
at the home of Kathy & Ben Adams – Watertown, WI
Board Members Present:  Kathy Adams, Kasy Culbertson, Greg David, Mike Klaus, Janet McConaughey, John Nichols, Linda Nichols, Buck Smith (Quorum established)

Others Members Present: Ellen Klaus, Paul Moderacki (Treasurer) via Face Time 

Called to order at 6:04

Discussion of Board Vacancy:

John Harrington (formerly Vice President) has moved away from Jefferson county, so is no longer on the board.  Janet was appointed to be Vice President by Linda (president), seconded by Mike Klaus, and approved by all.   We discussed options for a replacement to fill John’s place on the board.

May minutes: 

The motion was made to approve them by Mike Klaus, seconded by Buck Smith.  Minutes were then approved by all.

Financial Report:

from Paul Moderacki, Treasurer

Balance as of 6/30/19 was $7234.32.

One check was written for $46.76 WEPCO printing (for 750 neon green SJ flyers) 

Dividend of $0.60 this month.

Plastics Reduction Action Team update:

  Team members met at Johnson Creek High School to sew produce bags. Our plan is to give these to Farmers Market vendors for their customers’ use as a better alternative to plastic bags. 

Ellen is composing a simple letter to insert in the bags. The Team will discuss this further and report back on this after the next Plastics Reduction team meeting (at CJ’s). 

Ellen has written a letter regarding sales of single use plastic (with positive alternative ideas & community action suggestions) This letter would be posted on our website for individuals to copy, edit and send on to grocery store chains around Wisconsin.

Signs of hope in plastic reduction were shared: water bottle refill stations in MANY locations, Farm & Fleet employees thanking customers for bringing their own bags.  KwikTrip employees are not assuming, but asking if a plastic bag is needed.

Kasey passed around a deli container from Piggly Wiggly grocery store – looks like paper, but isn’t.  It is not being recycled as intended - only #1 and #2 plastics are actually being recycled 

Paul M (via FaceTime) researched and recommended reviewing 2 app programs that are useful for non-profits: (highly rated) with built-in features for building websites, managing membership records, email & newsletter, payment processing; Product Store option to sell from website, setting up & sign-ups for events.  Also has mobile app.  Payment is based on organization’s membership numbers (tiered).  30 cent per transaction charge for their service as a pass-through from purchaser’s bank account to SJ account.  The site has a demo available (simpler, but similar functionality than Wild Apricot).  Payment is also tiered by membership numbers (there is a free tier too)

Paul also recommended a movie (for a possible future SJ event) called “Woman at War” (Icelandic woman fights big electric companies)

Further discussion on the Fall Event:

Linda summarized discussed ideas regarding having a Harvest Lunch.  

Other ideas:

•             movie series

•             solar presentation (Josh Feyen) – Fort Atkinson’s Heart of the City may want to pair up with us on solar later.

•             Kasy will provide information later on a project with students from multiple schools

•             Renewable Energy and Climate Change (Citizens Climate Lobby could present info on the upcoming house bill)

•             The Concord area solar project (Sinnissippi Solar) – perhaps they could come and speak – Note: there is opposition

•             Per Greg, Electric (resistant) heating is wasteful.  Use of electricity should be limited to lights, running pumps, refrigerator etc.  So, solar panels (photovoltaic) would not be a good final solution for heating, but perhaps Solar Thermal (for home heating) using simpler solar panels and large containers to hold solar-heated liquids (water or ethylene glycol).  Solar Thermal would be in place of burning fossil fuels, burning electricity, running a heat pump

o             Perhaps could be run for absorption cooling if it were adapted. Mike asked about this.

o             It would need to be plumbed in & designed by a thermal engineer.

o             Ellen asked how we could bring this info to our county:

             Were there forums or workshops at the MREA that we could model and reproduce at a county level?

             Who would our audience be?  Would we reach a new audience? Or Are the people who would be interested in this attending the MREA?

o             Kathy attended part of a MREA workshop presented by Ben Nusz, Renewable Energy Specialist Instructor at Mid-State Technical College.  Links to his MREA workshop topics:Intro to Solar Hot Water; The Solar Greenhouse; High Mass Sand Beds

o             John & Linda have a neighbor, Chris Folk (energy instructor at MATC). He has a wind power background and heats his old farm house with solar panels.  Perhaps he could speak?

o             Mike reminded us people will want to know about the cost and payback with real life examples.

o             Buck said the initial investment for solar heating is less and the payback is shorter when compared to installing solar panels (for electricity) on your roof.

o             Other ways of looking at your return on investment are not only based on money - it may not be green (as in money), but a green gift to the future.

o             John said we can expect energy costs to rise – much of the oil we are using now comes from fracking (with a higher cost of production)

•             Fall event idea committee (probably in October, rather than September) to include Greg, Janet, Linda, Buck, John

Should we plan a book study for this winter?

•             Are they a good way to send our message and get people interested in SJ?

•             Previous books: “Prosper”, “The Town that Food Saves”

•             Optional winter study:  “The Natural Step” was done ~10 years ago - SJ had 1 or 2 presentations related to the book.  ~10 sustainability communities were started after reviewing the book.  Is it time to read it again? Or should we do something more current?

•             John N would like an economics book

•             Greg – John Ikerd, author of Financialization books, perhaps would talk to us?


•             Janet reminded us of Poopapalooza in Ixonia.  They will be watching the recently released documentary.

•             Buck shared highlights of Naomi Oreskes (Harvard professor) talk on Exxon’s hiding of facts from their own research that fossil fuel use would cause world-wide temperature rise. And released propaganda that contradicted their own findings.   Here’s a link:

•             Kasy’s recommendations

o             As a fundraising gift from the Wilderness Society – if you contribute $25, you get 2 large re-usable bags or 3 small re-usable bags with wildlife art

o             A Sierra magazine article (July/Aug 2019) on plastic and paper recycling. 

•             Janet reported on Monarch butterflies emerging in her yard.

•             Farm Technology Days is next week – July 23rd – 25th.

•             Contact Kasy if you see any sick snakes – she knows someone researching them

Our next meeting (and potluck) will be at 5:30pm on Wed. August 7th at Janet's house (N8144 LaSalle Circle, Oconomowoc)

Adjournment motion by Kasy, seconded by Buck – passed – adjourned at 7:55 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Adams

Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 

at the home of John & Linda Nichols – Watertown, WI
Board Members Present:  Kathy Adams, Kasy Culbertson, Greg David, John Nichols, Linda Nichols, Buck Smith, Paul Moderacki via Face Time  (Quorum established)Others Members Present: CJ O’Neill, Richard Seibt, Jean Brooks
Call to order at 6:15
Welcome and Introductions
April minutes The motion was made to approve by John Nichols, seconded by Buck Smith.  Minutes were then approved by all.
Financial Report:  from Paul Moderacki, Treasurer via FaceTimeLast Month’s Balance was 4594.76.Current Balance of $7412.29 in accountGardening Workshop and Rummage Sale contributed to this increase.Paul will look into Direct Deposit on website
Gardening Workshop Report:22 registered $1011.52 net profit from the eventAll potatoes were sold (many after the event) Note for next time: French Fingerlings didn’t sell as quickly as others.Publicity for the event was good.Suggestion by Richard that we take photos of event so that they can be used for next year’s publicity (Towne Cinema displays them before movies)We would still like to have a spring event:Possibilities: Plant sale (perhaps later in April would be more appropriate)Still doing something with organic gardening, selling potatoes again.Richard mentioned that perhaps if we did the sale a couple weeks later next year, perhaps we could partner with Drive Smart to have a couple alternative fuel vehicles outside.
Johnson Creek Rummage Sale cleared $1572.10.  We spent $24 for publicityWe received 7 new email addresses.Buck Smith moved that John, Ben & Greg receive $20 each for gas for the trip to Madison to transport sale items$90 to Buck for sale tags, his travel and for pizza for workers ($40).  Seconded by Kathy Adams.  Approved by all.
Linda initiated a discussion on updating our small (1/3 sheet) P.R. handout to be more accurate and complete.  Buck made a motion that we spend $50 or less and Linda will negotiate with the printer for the best deal.  Seconded by John N.  Approved unanimously.
Plastics Action Team 1st Brainstorming Meeting will be 4:30pm on Monday, May 13th at the Johnson Creek Public Library.
Janet McConaughey & Linda Nichols worked with Ixonia Grade School’s Recycling Club (10 3rd & 4th graders) during their lunch time.  “Citizen Scientists” collected data, using PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
For the fall Event, Linda listed these possibilities:  solar power, electric cars, climate change. 
Jean voiced concerns about climate change deniers and that global warming should be our biggest issue.   Linda spoke about the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) which focuses on non-partisan discussion of climate issues with the public (whether they recognize climate change or not).  The CCL will be represented at the Dairy Breakfast.  There is a local Jefferson County chapter of the CCL.  They are working towards the passing of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763) in the House of Representatives.  ( )The legislation attempts to be market-driven.  Carbon is taxed at the point it enters the economy (pump or port, for example) with a dividend returned back to households. 
Richard recommended, Tom Cotton, the director of Citizens Utility Board (CUB) as a possible speaker
Discussion was on Harvest Dinner as a fall event.  Options: local chef, local ingredients, possible fund-raiser,Perhaps have a workshop related to using all organic, perhaps have a fermenting workshop.  Dinner and then workshops on how to make it (with possible topics of organic foods, fermenting)Perhaps have posters and videos on the side.
Another idea focusing on health & nutrition on topics of phytonutrients, carbohydrates.
This event could be a fund-raiser.  We can’t sell food, unless it’s prepared in a professional kitchen.  Or host the event in a location with a professional kitchen.
Note: Advance registration doesn’t work.  We get more attendees with a “just drop in” event.
Possible dates and topics – perhaps Sept 8th, 15th or 22nd for a harvest lunch fund-raiser with themes of health, eating locally for sustainability, fermenting your foods, eating organic. This will be on the agenda for next month & will discuss forming a committee to work on it.
Ellen & Mike are may go to the Climate Reality Leadership Core meeting Aug 2-4th in Minneapolis, MN.   Linda may go also.
Next month’s board meeting will be a potluck at 5:30p on July 10th at home of Kathy Adams - N7980 County Road X, Watertown, WI (updated on 7/9/19 with actual location and date)
Motion to adjourn made by Kasy, seconded by Greg.  All were in favor - Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 
at the home of CJ O’Neill, Johnson Creek WI


Board Members Present:  Kathy Adams, Kasy Culbertson, Greg David, John Harrington, Janet McConaughey, John Nichols, Linda Nichols, Buck Smith  (Quorum established)
Others Present: CJ O’Neill, Richard Seibt (life-time member), Barbara Schmidt
Call to order at 5:49
Welcome and Introductions
March minutes were updated with the correct amount of $35/day for the Garden Workshop.  The motion was made to approve by John Harrington, seconded by Buck Smith.  Minutes were then approved by all.
Financial Report:  sent via email by Paul Moderacki, Treasurer
Balance of $4584.07 in account
Expenditures of $56.00 for one year rental of Johnson Creek P.O. Box
and 49.10 for Wepco printing of Garden Workshop Posters
Income of .39 – dividend on the account
Gardening Workshop discussion:
We have 16 Call Ahead registrations.
It has been widely published. Linda N reported:
40 Posters distributed,
Facebook: (including $14 boost) over 900 people viewed the most recent post
Instagram: 2 posts
Waukesha Master Gardeners received a poster and advertised
Madison Area Permaculture Guild via Josh Feyen
Edgerton press release
Watertown Daily Times twice
Jefferson Daily Union twice
Linda was on the Fort Atkinson Radio Station
3 email blasts
We are gathering at 3 PM Friday for setup at the Concord Community Center
And at 8AM Saturday to finish set up.  Public may enter at 8:30 on Saturday to make purchases if they wish.  Speakers start at 9.   The last workshop ends at 2:15.   Must be cleaned up by 4
Johnson Creek Rummage Sale (April 26-27 from 8-3)   at CJ’s garage
Buck Smith will donate a houseful of priced items.  Others may donate items also.  Proceeds to SJ.  Linda will promote SJ during the sale.  Kathy will email board members to see who can help and when.  Buck needs help loading large furniture items. We can move things into CJ’s garage during the week prior to the sale.  Final set up is on Thursday at 1PM
Discussed working a food booth at Farm Technology Days at the Walter Grain Farm (corner of French Road & Hwy A) July 23-27.   LaVern Georgson (UW Extension Agriculture agent) is the contact person (920 674-7295)
Two Shifts:  9-2 and 12-5.
$100 earnest money required – If we participate, how is Sustain Jefferson paid for our time?  
No decision made.  The topic is tabled to discuss again at a later meeting
Action Team for Plastics Committee
A brainstorming meeting is to talk about plastic reduction for Jefferson County to meet on 5/13 or 5/14    Location TBD.
  • Do we work with grocery stores on plastic bags?
  • Or corporations (Nestle, Pepsico, etc)– writing letters?
  • Teach people about alternatives to plastic?
  • Learn about recycling in each of our municipalities – different rules depending on where you live?
  • Go to Madison and develop a statewide approach to recycling?
Janet & Linda worked with Ixonia Grade School’s Recycling Club (10 3rd & 4th graders) during their lunch time.  “Citizen Scientists” collected data, using PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) 
Buck Smith recommended Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha as a re-cycling field trip.  Per Janet Retzer is a resource for one of their summer school sessions.
Tom Steinbach from Tall Pines Conservancy works with the Wisconsin Environmental Health Network.  At one of their recent meetings, a Fresh Water Institute PhD was studying nanoparticles off of Oak Creek Sewage Treatment plant and found the biggest pollutant nanoparticle pollutant is metformin (drug for diabetics)
Amazon smile ( ) will donate a percentage of sales to charitable organizations if orders are placed through their website.  Sustain Jefferson Inc is one of their charities and we get periodic checks from them.  Make sure you buy through the smile link and set up Sustain Jefferson as your nonprofit of choice.
Kasy announced that there’s an open Wisconsin budget meeting in Janesville on Friday, April 5 at 10AM which she is attending
This Saturday, April 7th, 6:30-9pm, at the Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, there is a 40th Anniversary celebration of Citizens Utility Board (CUB) Tickets are $12.50 with discounts for MREA members
On Saturday, 4/20 at Greenfield Public Library, Drive Smart has a potluck meeting from 9:30 – 1:30 – a networking opportunity on electric cars.  Ben Nelson is a member of Drive Smart 
Greg reported that Saudi Arabia’s largest oil field has peaked – has gone from 500 million barrels of oil down to 350 million barrels – a wake up call!
Janet reported that the “Protecting our Ixonia Countryside” group (working against a CAFO on Gopher Hill Road) will meet on Sunday, July 14th at the O’Halloran Farm on Green Valley Road.
At this meeting, they will show a new documentary on CAFO’s (which will also contain footage of their celebration last year).
The 7/14 meeting will include speakers:
Mary Dougherty (of Sustainable Agriculture, a nationwide organization)
Tessy Camp – fighting CAFO in central sands area
Greg’s Regenerative Agriculture talk
There will also be a panel discussion
Our next Sustain Jefferson board meeting (potluck) will be 5/1/2019 at 5:30 at  John & Linda Nichols home.
Kasy made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Greg David seconded.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:28 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Adams, Secretary



Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

March 6, 2019


Present:  Janet McConoughey, Greg David, John & Linda Nichols, C. J. O'Neil, Ellen & Mike Klaus, Buck Smith, John Harrington, Frankie Fuller

1.  Financial Report: Paul reported via skype that we have $4,688.78 in our account.  We'll be de-activating our sales tax permit number because we don't sell $50,000 worth of items within 120 consecutive days, so it's not necessary. Paul said our federal income tax has been filed, using the new “postcard form.”  Motion to accept report by Greg, with 2nd by Mike.  Motion approved.

Linda added that she is now the registered agent for our 501(c)3 and she will be registering SJ with Farm and Fleet so that we are a tax-free purchaser.

2.  Rummage Sale:  it will be held Friday and Saturday, April 26/27, at CJ's home, with set-up on the 25th.  Buck has a number of items, and we are all urged to contribute things for sale.  CJ will register the sale as part of the Johnson Creek village-wide rummage event.

3.  Gardening Workshops on April 6 at Concord Community Center:  Linda is getting posters printed and those present at the meeting volunteered to distribute them.  We will pay each presenter $35.  Registration is by email and fees will be collected at the registration table.  Credit cards will be accepted.  All day attendance is $35, with a $5 donation for lunch.  Individual workshops are $15, but the worms workshop and pain salve workshop will have a $5 materials fee.

A motion was made by Greg, with a second by John Harrington, to allow a maximum of $1,000 for expenses.  Motion approved.

4)  Action Team on Plastics:  a decision was made to meet after the gardening workshops event. Linda will suggest some possible dates.

Next meeting will be at CJ's on April 3, with a potuck at 5:30.

Submitted by Ellen Klaus


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting
Wednesday February 6, 2019
at home of John & Linda Nichols – Watertown Wisconsin
Board Members Present:  Buck Smith, Janet McConaughy, Kasy Culbertson, Linda Nichols, John Nichols, Greg David, Kathy Adams
Others Present: Paul Moderacki via Skype
Before the meeting was called to order, Lynn Stull, Lead Organizer of
spoke with the group to warn us of dangers of 5G wireless. 
She emailed this information to us afterwards ( that she had referenced in the discussion):
Greg David recommended a book related to this topic: “Shrinking the Technosphere: Getting a grip on the technologies that limit our autonomy, self-sufficiency, and freedom” by Dimitri Orlov.  Dimitri makes the argument that the techno-sphere is becoming a sentient being.  It has goals and ambitions of its own and drives what many people do.
The meeting was called to order by Linda Nichols at 6:52 pm.  Quorum established.
January minutes:  
Motion made by Buck Smith to approve the minutes, Greg David seconded.  Minutes approved as presented.
Financial Report provided by Paul Moderacki via Skype:
End of Year Financial Summary for 2018:
The checking account started the year with $6488.07 ended with $5151.31.  Went down $1337.76
The biggest expenditure was the insurance.  Our insurance (with Alliance for Non-Profit) rates are likely as low as we can get for the coverage we need.  We get some bulk rates with other members of the Alliance.  We are not certain what insurance other comparable Sustain organizations use.
Income came from:
Small amounts from checking account dividend/interest: 6.31
Donations – 535.79
Potato Sales: 558.25 (sales) - $265 (cost) - (made 150% profit)
January 2019 Financial Summary:
We had Income mostly from Plastics Problem Forum
And expenses for seed potatoes, JC Community Center, and Plastics Problems products (which will also be sold at the Gardening Workshop).
Greg David moved to accept the financial report, John Nichols seconded and it was approved by all.
Square Inc. 
To prepare for the Gardening Workshop sales, Linda reported on this card-reader device used for taking credit payments (deposited right into our Landmark account). 
Request for info on a system to make a “hot” donation button (with PayPal or?). Paul M will be looking into this.
Report on Plastics Problem Event of Jan 11, 2019
48 attendees
2 new people signed up for the action team - Brainstorming meeting will be in March.
Kasy stated Badgerlands has a plan for a new recycling plant.
Janet stated that not having standardized requirements makes it difficult to be a good recycler.
Greg said the State has set responsible units for handling garbage/recycling - not the counties but the townships or incorporated municipalities.  Those township boards make the decisions on what is best.
Paul shared his community’s progress on limiting single-use plastics. 
Kasy discussed Kroger’s negative policy on customers bringing in containers for purchasing goods.  Perhaps the action team could tackle this.
Gardening Workshop Planning Committee:
One meeting so far
One speaker is confirmed. Another most likely.  And other conversations are taking place.
Greg volunteered to do a talk on Regenerative Gardening/Agriculture.
Johnson Creek’s Village Rummage Sale is on April 27th:
Buck proposes offering items (from his mother’s house) to be sold then with proceeds to benefit SJ.   Perhaps we could use C.J.’s garage.  Similar sales in the past had been profitable.  Buck will price things as he packs them.  Kasy and Linda will take a look at the items that are offered when they pick up potatoes for the spud sale.
Announcement from Linda: “Heart of the City”
in Fort Atkinson is showing “From Paris to Baltimore” climate change movie on Wednesday, Feb 27th at the Fort hospital.  It will be posted on our SJ website.
The next meeting (a potluck) will be 5:30 on March 6th at Janet McConaughy’s home.
Kasy made the motion to adjourn.  Greg seconded.  Approved by all.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Adams


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

Wednesday January 2, 2019

Meeting Held at Mike & Ellen Klaus home – Watertown Wisconsin


Board Members Present:

 John Nichols, John Harrington, Buck Smith, Ellen Klaus, Mike Klaus, Kasy Culbertson, Janet McConaughy

Others Present:  CJ O’Neill, Ben Nelson, Ben Adams, Hank Wiedmeyer

Called to order by Linda Nichols.  Quorum established.

Welcome and Introductions

November minutes:

Motion made by Kasy Culbertson, John Nichols seconded.  Minutes approved as presented.

Financial Report:

From Paul Moderacki – reported by Linda N

Little activity in Nov & Dec - earned .90 interest.

$300 = 1 withdrawal for items being sold at Plastic Forum plus mic purchase from Plastic Pros

{which will be ready for the Plastics Forum (see below)}

Current Balance: $5,150.31


Plastics Problem Forum:

Will be held on Jan 11, 2019 at Johnson Creek Community Center.   Doors open at 6:30pm

Various things to sell (see below)   

Starting at 7pm will be 2-3 short video clips looking at problems of plastic in different ways.

This will be followed by Janet McConaughy discussing:

  1. Kits available at no cost for schools, etc that can recycle milk, etc other containers

(she will demo the strainer that fits into a large pail that can be handled with ease).

  1. How to form action teams that people can sign up for on Facebook .
  2. Provide sign-up sheets for individuals to write how they are moved to help.            (Janet)
  3. As is customary, have clipboards to get names/email addresses of attendees.         (Linda)

  To follow:  2 speakers  (20 +/- min each)  with Q/A to follow:

Randy Franks:  Street supervisor of City of Watertown

Sharon Eberhart:  Jefferson county recycling

At event will be selling various products to replace some of the plastics in our lives:  stainless steel straws, shampoo bars, re-usable washable mesh produce bags, chewable toothpaste pillows, bamboo toothbrushes, Beeswax  wrap, reusable silicone food covers. 

Meeting is to be advertised on Sustain Jefferson website and Facebook page; and through press.

Gardening Workshop

-Will be Saturday April 6th /13th at Concord Community Center  [note: before Easter]  Cost TBD?

-On the committee: Kathy Adams, Kasy Culbertson, Janet McConaughy, CJ O’Neill (registration), John Harrington, Linda Nichols. 

-First meeting will be Jan. 25 at Harvest Market, Watertown Regional Medical Center (Hospital) at about 2:30pm 

-{Discussion of old Posters? Can we get those from John Nichols?}

-In the past, there were 3 sessions of approx. 1 hour each (breaks in between), lunch, and then 2 more sessions.  Sometimes there was a movie.  

-Janet McConaughy will teach growing mushrooms in cat litter for this year’s workshop

-Other possible ideas: physical therapy for gardeners, Bee Topics by John Nichols, how/why to make garden hoops by Ben Adams, Speaker- Lynn?, movie; sponsor w/ Greener Oconomowoc. 

         Potato Spuds Selling/Fund Raiser at  Workshop:

Should spuds be picked up on same date as Garden Workshop  or on a separate date?  Yes, no other time available.  It should be done in such a way so as to not interfere with workshop this time.

Kasy will be the primary organizer for the potato sales.  Ellen Klaus will send information on past years’ order files and sales to her.  Buck will purchase our choices along with his personal order.

Credit Payments on Card Readers:

            Card readers to attach to phone to get credit payment:  Square One, Apple Square, Pay Pal, etc.

Consensus – we’d get more sales with credit cards.  Perhaps mark up the price to cover that fee.

We may put a PayPal button on the SJ website for donations.

Motion for Linda N to explore – motion made by Ben Nelson, second by Buck.  Approved. 

Sponsor Book Discussion:                                                                                                                             (Ellen)

 The Son by Phillip Meyer  (Comanche based) for a later April/May date, to be put on  SJ Website and Facebook  date.


  1.  Jan 17 at 7 pm Wehlan’s  Wisconsin Ave  Oconomowoc    “Beyond Climate Change”.
  2. Ben Nelson donating books , on table

Motion to disband by John Harrington, second by John Nichols.

Respectfully submitted.

Kathy Adams
SJ Secretary

Note by Kasy:  Thanks to CJ for a great buffet with cookies.

Next mtg not established yet.    Nor Green Thursday.


Sustain Jefferson Board Meeting

Wednesday Nov 7, 2018

Meeting held in Ben Nelson’s Workshop - Oconomowoc, Wisconsin


Board Members Present:

Mike Klaus, Mike Opager, John Nichols, Linda Nichols, John Harrington, Greg David, Janet McConaughey, Buck Smith

Others Present:

Ben Nelson, Kathy Adams, Paul Moderacki via Skype


Called to order by Linda Nichols at 6:06 pm     Quorum established.

Welcome and Introductions


Motion made by Mike Klaus to approve minutes of October board meeting.  Seconded by John Nichols. Passed.


Election of Board Members

  • Paul Moderacki nominated Greg David for re-election to the board. Nomination accepted. Mike Klaus seconded.  Passed
  • Paul Moderacki nominated Janet McConaughey for re-election to the board. Nomination accepted.  Mike Klaus seconded.  Passed.
  • John Nichols nominated Kathy Adams to the board.  Nomination accepted. Mike Opager seconded.  Passed.
  • Mike Opager pre-approved Kasy Culbertson for election to the board. John Harrington seconded.  Passed.

Election of Officers

  • Mike Klaus nominated Linda Nichols as President.  Greg David seconded. Passed.
  • John Nichols nominated John Harrington as Vice President.  Mike Klaus seconded.  Passed.
  • Mike Opager nominated Paul Moderacki as Treasurer.  Greg David seconded. Passed.
  • Janet McConaughey nominated Kathy Adams as Secretary.  Greg David seconded.  Passed.



Green Thursday report:

12 People met on October 11, 2018 at Hiway Harry’s to hear Vic Karaliunas, manager of the Ixonia recycling center and transfer site speak about recycling.  

Suitability of the room for future meetings was discussed. Since at least one of the members had some difficulty hearing in the room, a portable PA system is being considered.   Ben Nelson will research.


January 11, 2019 at 7pm – A SJ-sponsored film showing is being planned by committee.  Committee members are Ellen Klaus, Linda Nichols, Janet McConaughey, John Harrington, and Buck Smith.  The event will be at the Johnson Creek Community Center.


Workshop Day in Spring Discussion:

We will begin planning in February.  The best money-makers are large events. 

When:  TBD   

Possible Topics: Garden Workshop in Waukesha – Janet M has a contact.

                Spudfest  (was done last year)


Financial Report - Paul Moderacki emailed (11/6/18):

Paul’s report summarized our 2018 activities through Oct.31, 2018:  We've had revenues of $1,574.45 and expenditures of $2,635.11, for a net decrease in the checking account of $1,060.66.

Checking summary:

Beginning balance, Jan. 1, 2018: $6,488.07

Balance as of October 31, 2018:  $5,427.41

Revenue over (under): ($1,060.66)

This continues a trend from 2017:

Beginning balance, Jan. 1, 2017: $7,989.09

Ending balance, Dec. 31, 2017:   $6,488.07

Revenue over (under): ($1,501.02)


The biggest drain on our resources is the annual insurance premium of $1,623.00 (the premium was the same in 2017 and 2018), and it accounts for our decreasing fund balance.


Our Spuds sale event in the spring continues to be the best revenue generator.  The Linda Conroy workshop in June netted $83 over our payments to Ms. Conroy. 


On Nov. 1st there was a $22.00 deposit into our checking account, raising the balance, as of Nov. 5, 2018, to $5,449.41.


The next board meeting will be at 6pm on January 2, 2019 at Greg David’s Prairie Dock Farm.


Motion to adjourn made by Mike Opager.  Seconded by John Nichols. 

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by,
Kathy Adams
SJ Secretary


Sustain Jefferson Meeting

Wednesday Oct. 4, 2017

Potluck-J. McConaughey’s house


Board members present: Amy Rinard, president, John Nichols, Mary Branson, Greg David, Paul Moderacki, treasures, Janet McConaughey, Buck Smith, Mike Opager

Others present: John Harrington, Karen Culbertson

Called to order at 6:42 pm

Welcome and introductions

Paul M. motioned to approve the minutes of Sept. 6, 2017 board meeting, Mary B seconded, motion passed

Financial Report:  $6095.58 currently in account, $100.00 sent to speaker Linda Conroy, check not cleared yet. Spent $1623.00 for insurance, earned interest of $0.62.

Update and discussion fall food preservation event- scheduled for Saturday Oct. 28th, 2017, workshop from 9:00 to 11:30, fee of $20.00, lunch to follow, registration on line to a mailbox that goes to Linda N. and CJ O’Neil, collect money at the door. Publicity will include: Facebook post push for $10.00.  E-mail blasts, press releases will go out, is on the SJ website (112 reads so far). Also have a Book and magazine exchange table, demo tables of dehydrates, food sealers, etc

Greg-soup, saurkraut



Will need more volunteers to make food

Discussion of Nov. elections of officers/board members-Three positions to the board expire: Paul Moderacki, Mary Branson and John Nichols.  Paul M. will not be running for re-election to board but will continue treasurer duty until replacement found, Mary B. will not be running, Amy Rinard will not be president but remains on the board, John N. will run again. John H. thinking about it. Linda N. will run for president

Janet M. suggested doing a children’s event in Dousman next year


Citizens Climate Lobby will have TV Weatherman Bob Lindmeier's presentation on Climate and the Weather in Watertown on Sunday, Nov. 5.

Next meeting: Potluck on Wednesday Nov 1st at 6:00 at the Jefferson extension office.

Mike O. motioned to adjourn, Greg D. seconded, motion passed, adjourned at 7:34 pm

Submitted by,

Linda Nichols

SJ Secretary


Sustain Jefferson Minutes

September 6, 2017

Attending:  Casey Culbertson, Janet McConaughey, Ben Nelson, Greg David, Kathy Heller, Buck Smith, Paul Moderacki, John Harrington, Sarah Seibt, Mary Branson, Ellen/Mike Klaus


1) Minutes of last meeting were approved:  Greg/Paul.


2)  Paul reported $7,717.96 in checking account, with $20.68 spent to UPS store and income of $9.88 from Amazon Smile.


3)  An organizing meeting will need to be held soon for the October 28 meeting.  We were not certain if a room has been secured at Johnson Creek H.S.?  Committee members: Janet, Sarah, Amy, and C.J.


4)  Several upcoming events were shared by Ben and Paul.

5) Adjourned: Mike/Greg

Sustain Jefferson

Tuesday July 25, 2017

Korth Park


Board members present:  John Nichols, Amy Rinard, president, Mike Klaus, Paul Moderacki, treasurer, Buck Smith, Greg David

Others:  John Harrington, Sarah Seibt, Richard Seibt, Kathy Heller, Karen Culbertson, Ellen Klaus

Called to order at 7:00 pm

Welcome and introductions

Amy R motioned to approve minutes of June 7, 2017 board meeting, Sarah S.  seconded, motion passed.

Financial ReportCurrent balance is $7,828.08. We sent $300.00 to Standing Rock. Received $1.00 donation from Buck, and one $20.00 membership. Earned 67 cents interest for June.  Paul consulted with Jeff Weinkauf, insurance agent. SJ can move policy from two million to one million and save a total of $220.00. Annual payment from $1875.00 to approximately $1555.00.

John N. motioned to reduce premium from two million to one million, Mike K seconded, motion passed.

Andy Didion came to talk about composting coffee grounds. He and his father have been collecting for about 20 years from Urbans, a Jefferson restaurant.  He talked about SJ recognizing businesses that are doing sustainable things. He would like someone to take this over and collect from the restaurant. Ellen said we can put something on Facebook to have people connect with Andy. Sarah suggested door stickers for businesses with sustainable practices, get our name out there.

Report on, discussion and possible action on purchase of FoodSaver- vote tabled, seek input at our Oct event. Buck reported the company from Canada’s stuff was not meeting our needs.

Update and discussion of fall food preservation event-Herbal topic in the morning for 2hr. 30 min. with Linda Conroy. Event is Saturday, Oct. 28 at the Johnson Creek high school FACE (home ec. Room), lunch in cafeteria. Afternoon could be general food preserving topics. Committee; Amy R., Sarah S., Ellen K, Janet M. and Linda N.


Brew with a View County Parks fundraiser is August 25th

Facebook Market place to sell/give away anything

Micropark-lots of plants coming up, laying out the path, work day coming

Webinar about health and nutrition-Greg D. will send link out

Amy R. motioned to adjourn, Greg D. seconded, motion passed. Adjourned at 7:48pm

Next meeting Wed. Sept 6 and 6:00 potluck place to be determined.

Submitted by,

Linda Nichols

SJ Secretary



Sustain Jefferson Meeting

 Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Johnson Creek Community Center


Board members present: Amy Rinard, president, Janet McConaughey, Mary Branson, Mike Klaus, John Nichols, Buck Smith, Greg David

Others present: CJ O’Neil, Ellen Klaus, Kathy Heller, Sarah Seibt, John Harrington, Jan Gerling, Pat Kopps

Meeting called to order at 5:37pm

Mary B motioned approval of minutes of Feb. 27, 2017 board meeting, Janet M seconded, motion passed

Financial Report: The checking balance as of March, 31st is $7,845.53, and there's been no activity thus far in April. In March, we expended $60, all related to SpudFest ($10 for FB boost and $50 for JC Community Center rent) and received $0.67 dividend from Landmark. To be added is we spent $94.16 for cookbooks, Sarah S. will turn in receipt for potatoes she purchased.

Discussion of insurance coverage- tabled

Discussion and possible action on going to MREA- Buck is going but it’s too late to set up a SJ booth.

Update on book discussion groups-Buck shared that it’s been very interesting, had 24 people for first meeting, have broken into 2 groups: 10-12 people at the larger group, 4-5 have come to the smaller group.  Have talked about having a potluck/dinner at the end. Some people from Whitewater have come so interest from around the area.  Spin off groups from the book groups to do events etc. has been discussed.

Discussed possibly buying a food sealer and other food preserving equipment for members to share. Could do a food saving event. Possibly in Sept.   Pool our resources and divided them up.

Micro-park update- Greg sent a copy of the grant out, went over well, should be hearing soon. All of it was written on-line, so was time consuming. This Friday, well meet to lay out the swale for the rain barrels at 2:30.  Thursday Apr. 27 and Friday May 18 are work days. Will probably have work days once a month during the summer.  Greg is looking for people to sift seeds and sort by species.

AnnouncementsApril 22nd is Earth Day. There will be a march in Madison about climate change. SJ group will go, we could march with SJ banner. It’s from 2-5 pm.  Ellen will sent out e-mail.

Agenda for next meetingFood saving event, possibly in September. Insurance issues.

Next meeting:  5:30 pm Wednesday, May 3, 2017 Potluck at Linda Nichols’s house.

Mike K. motioned to adjourn Janet M. seconded, adjourned at 6:02pm.

Submitted by

Linda Nichols

SJ Secretary











Sustain Jefferson Meeting

Monday, Feb. 27, 2017

Fort Atkinson Hospital


Board members present: Mary Branson, Janet McConaughey, Paul Moderacki, treasurer,  Amy Rinard, president, Greg David, Buck Smith, John Nichols

Other present: Sarah Seibt, Kathy Heller, John Harrington

Meeting called to order at 5:33 pm

Greg David motioned to approve minutes of Feb. 1, 2017,  Paul M.  seconded, motion passed

Financial Report: $7,989.09 in account as of Jan. 31st, $7,904.25 as of today, Sales tax was paid $94.48.  $9.64 donation from Amazon Smile

Letter of recommendation for Micro- park grant application:  $1,000.00 was pledged by SJ in January 2016, $250.00 has been given.  Amy R. has prepared a letter to endorse their grant.  Greg D. motioned to approve the letter as read with the dollar amount of the pledged added. Mary B. seconded, motion passed.

Plans for April 5th potato-growing workshop: Janet M. will ordinate the 3 presenters.  Potato bars--Sarah S. will get 50 organic potatoes, Linda N. will bake and put in a Nesco, others will bring tops. Will be held at the Johnson Creek Community Center with board meeting at 5:30 pm and   workshop at 6:30 pm.  Sarah S. suggested to increase price of seed potatoes being sold due to it being a free workshop. Ellen Klaus will work out the prices. We will bring a donation jar and sell cookbooks at $3.00 each. The event will last until 9:00 pm. Sarah S. and Amy R. were on the Fort Atkinson radio to talk about the workshop.

Future book discussion- the book is Prosper by Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart. The first meeting is Tuesday March 7th. at the UWEX Bldg. in Jefferson. Posters were shared to display. Press release is ready. Greg D. will talk about the book club at the movie. Amy R. will put it on the web-site.  Greg D will send e-mail to Mike O for an e-mail blast.

Next meeting: April 5, 2017 at 5:30 at the JC Community Center, Agenda items: MREA,  Book discussion update, membership, saving on insurance,

Announcements: Joel Kleefisch town hall meeting in Lake Mill March 9th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Fargo Library

Paul M motioned to adjourn, Mary B seconded.

Adjourned at 6:07 pm

Submitted by,

Linda Nichols

Sustain Jefferson Meeting

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Harvest Market, Watertown


Board members present:  Mary Branson, vice president, Buck Smith, Janet McConaughey, Paul Moderacki, treasurer, John Nichols

Others present:  John Harrington, Kathy Heller, Sarah Seibt

Meeting called to order at 5:51 pm by vice president

Welcome and introductions

Approval of minutes from Jan. 4th meeting: Paul M. motioned to approve minutes, Mary B. seconded, motion passed.

Financial Report: Paul M. passed out copies of the Annual Report.  We took in $4,495.39 and spent $4,072.17. Please send Paul an email when you deposit money so we can know what the source was.  On Jan. 30th the annual tax report was done, amount was $94.48. Currently in the checking account is $7,988.41 Janet M. motioned to accept the Annual Report with the revised information regarding the three unidentified donations. Buck S. seconded. Motion passed. Paul asked for addresses of board and officers for the Non-Stock Cooperation Annual Report.

Update on plans for Feb. 27th film screening: It will start at 6:30 at Fort Hospital.  Amy Rinard has begun publicity.  She has posted it on our website home page. Next week she will have Mike Opager send out email blasts to our groups. She will also send out press releases to the Jefferson County media outlets.  Sarah S. has sent out a flyer to Fire Souls email group and provided one at this meeting.  Some changes were recommended.  Board and others will begin circulating the flyers. Sarah requested for someone to go with her to check on the room we will be using.  John N. and Buck S. will meet her on Monday.  Paul M suggested snacks. Sarah will bring lemonade. Others will provide snacks. John N. will check if they have a popcorn machine. Mary B. asked about a snow date.  Sarah shared they were quite booked up but she will ask.  We will have a discussion after the movie.  Sarah will send a link so the board can watch it ahead of time. 

Discussion of future film screening or book discussions:  John H. suggested a book discussion on “Prosper” by Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart.  He will coordinate with John N. and Greg David to set something up. Possibly two sessions in March.

Discussion of Spring potato sale and potato-growing workshop: Ellen Klaus, Janet M. and Meg Kelly will present. This will be on April 5th right after our monthly board meeting.  Mike and Ellen will pick up the seed potatoes. Sarah suggested the Johnson Creek Community Center.  Mary B motioned to use the JC Center as our venue. Paul M. seconded. Motion passed.  Will we sell potato cookbooks again? Paul M suggested 50 copies rather than 100. John N. motioned to order cookbooks. Mary B. seconded. Motion passed. Sarah will contact CJ O’Neil to rent the center.  Kathy H. suggested a potato bar where we all bring various toppings.  We will need a source for potatoes to bake.  Sarah will ask if the new market in town can order us organic potatoes. Mary B. will ask at the Oconomowoc market.  Kathy will make a sign.

 Donation to Standing Rock: Janet M. requested that we make a donation to the anti-pipe line efforts.  Because of snow, they are moving their set up. It’s down to 500 people. They will need to fund court battles and are running out of lawyers in that State.  Buck S. recommended a donation of $300.00.  Kathy H. asked if we are a Wisconsin based organization and should keep our money here.  Discussion included if the cause meets with our mission statement. Buck S. motioned to send $300.00 to the Legal Defense Fund, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.  John N. seconded. Motion passed. Janet M. provided Paul with the address.  He will send a check.

Next meeting:  February 27th at 5:30 pm at Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital.

Agenda items to include: book discussion details.  Potato workshop details.

Announcements and recommendation:  Janet M. shared about a public radio program.  It was about a community college program focusing on wind turbine technology in Iowa.  There will be many jobs in this area in the future.  Encourage people to take courses like this.

Paul M. motioned to adjourn.  Janet M. seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm

Submitted by,

Linda Nichols

SJ secretary      


Sustain Jefferson Meeting

Wednesday Nov. 2, 2016

Johnson Creek Community Center


Board members present:  Mike Opager, Amy Rinard, Janet McConaughey, Greg David, John Nichols, Sarah Seibt, Mary Branson, Paul Moderacki via Facetime, Buck Smith

Others present: CJ O’Neil, Mike Klaus, John Harrington, Kathy Heller

Annual Meeting,

Called to order at 5:45 pm

Review and approval of YTD-none reported at this time. Monthly Financial Report - Paul M reported that the checking account balance is $7, 956.93. We received $0.68 in interest in October and reimbursed CJ O’Neil $74.00 for the annual cost of our mail box rental at the Johnson Creek Post office. Ellen made correct that CJ was given $24.00 for 6 months post box fee and $50.00 for rental of Johnson Creek Community Center.

Summary of year's activities-members recalled our gardening workshop, made raised beds at Heritage Home, had 2 book studies, one blog discussion, removed things in storage at Bethesda and had a successful rummage sale, fermentation workshop, and potato sale.

Elect 3 board members (expiring terms: Sarah Seibt, Amy Rinard, Buck Smith)- Sarah S. nominated Mike Klaus, Amy Rinard and Buck Smith for a 3 year term on the board. Nomination accepted by all three. Mary B. seconded, motion carried. 

Mary B. motioned to adjourn the annual meeting, Mike O seconded, motion passed, adjourned at 5:54 pm

November Board Meeting,

Called to order at 5:56pm

Greg D. motioned to approve October board minutes, Ellen seconded, minutes approved.

Financial report: see above

Election of officers: Amy R. nominated Linda N. for secretary, nomination accepted. Paul M. seconded, motion passed.  Buck S. nominated Paul M for treasurer, nomination accepted. Mary B. seconded, motion passed.  Amy R. nominated Mary B. for vice president, nomination accepted. Greg D. seconded, motion passed. Linda N. nominated Amy R. for president, nomination accepted. Mike O. seconded, motion passed.   

Report from Film Fest ad hoc committee-Sarah picked suggestions from a list that Kathy Heller gave.  Movie is “Unacceptable Levels” a new and free movie. Committee will proceed to find venue and equipment. Sarah S asked people to vote if we should do it at the Watertown Theater and make it a bigger thing. Mike O shared to make sure that we can stream it off the internet. Amy R would like to use a free place.  She shared that the actor Leonard D. has a new documentary which is on-line right now. Committee will watch that one and invite other board members and officers.

Micro Park Update-Greg D shared that they have had 3-4 seed gatherings   Work day is Friday Nov. 18 10:00 to 2:00. They will be taking the fence down, mixing and sowing the seed. There will be a presentation to the park department on Monday afternoon.

Newly appointed president, Amy R. suggested a change in meeting days and times. She suggested not having a Dec. meeting, all agreed. Change to 5:30 meeting times and always have a potluck for the board meetings. We will continue to meet on the first Wed. of the month.  Next meeting is Jan 4th, 2017.

Sarah S. motioned to adjourn, Greg D. seconded. Adjourn at 6:22 pm.

Submitted by Linda Nichols, SJ Secretary

A fermentation workshop followed. In addition to board members, 14 people attended. Four SJ members presented.  It was well received.