Sustain Jefferson Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Meeting Minutes

Sustain Jefferson Meeting

Wednesday Oct. 4, 2017

Potluck-J. McConaughey’s house


Board members present: Amy Rinard, president, John Nichols, Mary Branson, Greg David, Paul Moderacki, treasures, Janet McConaughey, Buck Smith, Mike Opager

Others present: John Harrington, Karen Culbertson

Called to order at 6:42 pm

Welcome and introductions

Paul M. motioned to approve the minutes of Sept. 6, 2017 board meeting, Mary B seconded, motion passed

Financial Report:  $6095.58 currently in account, $100.00 sent to speaker Linda Conroy, check not cleared yet. Spent $1623.00 for insurance, earned interest of $0.62.

Update and discussion fall food preservation event- scheduled for Saturday Oct. 28th, 2017, workshop from 9:00 to 11:30, fee of $20.00, lunch to follow, registration on line to a mailbox that goes to Linda N. and CJ O’Neil, collect money at the door. Publicity will include: Facebook post push for $10.00.  E-mail blasts, press releases will go out, is on the SJ website (112 reads so far). Also have a Book and magazine exchange table, demo tables of dehydrates, food sealers, etc

Greg-soup, saurkraut



Will need more volunteers to make food

Discussion of Nov. elections of officers/board members-Three positions to the board expire: Paul Moderacki, Mary Branson and John Nichols.  Paul M. will not be running for re-election to board but will continue treasurer duty until replacement found, Mary B. will not be running, Amy Rinard will not be president but remains on the board, John N. will run again. John H. thinking about it. Linda N. will run for president

Janet M. suggested doing a children’s event in Dousman next year


Citizens Climate Lobby will have TV Weatherman Bob Lindmeier's presentation on Climate and the Weather in Watertown on Sunday, Nov. 5.

Next meeting: Potluck on Wednesday Nov 1st at 6:00 at the Jefferson extension office.

Mike O. motioned to adjourn, Greg D. seconded, motion passed, adjourned at 7:34 pm

Submitted by,

Linda Nichols

SJ Secretary


Sustain Jefferson Minutes

September 6, 2017

Attending:  Casey Culbertson, Janet McConaughey, Ben Nelson, Greg David, Kathy Heller, Buck Smith, Paul Moderacki, John Harrington, Sarah Seibt, Mary Branson, Ellen/Mike Klaus


1) Minutes of last meeting were approved:  Greg/Paul.


2)  Paul reported $7,717.96 in checking account, with $20.68 spent to UPS store and income of $9.88 from Amazon Smile.


3)  An organizing meeting will need to be held soon for the October 28 meeting.  We were not certain if a room has been secured at Johnson Creek H.S.?  Committee members: Janet, Sarah, Amy, and C.J.


4)  Several upcoming events were shared by Ben and Paul.

5) Adjourned: Mike/Greg

Sustain Jefferson

Tuesday July 25, 2017

Korth Park


Board members present:  John Nichols, Amy Rinard, president, Mike Klaus, Paul Moderacki, treasurer, Buck Smith, Greg David

Others:  John Harrington, Sarah Seibt, Richard Seibt, Kathy Heller, Karen Culbertson, Ellen Klaus

Called to order at 7:00 pm

Welcome and introductions

Amy R motioned to approve minutes of June 7, 2017 board meeting, Sarah S.  seconded, motion passed.

Financial ReportCurrent balance is $7,828.08. We sent $300.00 to Standing Rock. Received $1.00 donation from Buck, and one $20.00 membership. Earned 67 cents interest for June.  Paul consulted with Jeff Weinkauf, insurance agent. SJ can move policy from two million to one million and save a total of $220.00. Annual payment from $1875.00 to approximately $1555.00.

John N. motioned to reduce premium from two million to one million, Mike K seconded, motion passed.

Andy Didion came to talk about composting coffee grounds. He and his father have been collecting for about 20 years from Urbans, a Jefferson restaurant.  He talked about SJ recognizing businesses that are doing sustainable things. He would like someone to take this over and collect from the restaurant. Ellen said we can put something on Facebook to have people connect with Andy. Sarah suggested door stickers for businesses with sustainable practices, get our name out there.

Report on, discussion and possible action on purchase of FoodSaver- vote tabled, seek input at our Oct event. Buck reported the company from Canada’s stuff was not meeting our needs.

Update and discussion of fall food preservation event-Herbal topic in the morning for 2hr. 30 min. with Linda Conroy. Event is Saturday, Oct. 28 at the Johnson Creek high school FACE (home ec. Room), lunch in cafeteria. Afternoon could be general food preserving topics. Committee; Amy R., Sarah S., Ellen K, Janet M. and Linda N.


Brew with a View County Parks fundraiser is August 25th

Facebook Market place to sell/give away anything

Micropark-lots of plants coming up, laying out the path, work day coming

Webinar about health and nutrition-Greg D. will send link out

Amy R. motioned to adjourn, Greg D. seconded, motion passed. Adjourned at 7:48pm

Next meeting Wed. Sept 6 and 6:00 potluck place to be determined.

Submitted by,

Linda Nichols

SJ Secretary



Sustain Jefferson Meeting

 Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Johnson Creek Community Center


Board members present: Amy Rinard, president, Janet McConaughey, Mary Branson, Mike Klaus, John Nichols, Buck Smith, Greg David

Others present: CJ O’Neil, Ellen Klaus, Kathy Heller, Sarah Seibt, John Harrington, Jan Gerling, Pat Kopps

Meeting called to order at 5:37pm

Mary B motioned approval of minutes of Feb. 27, 2017 board meeting, Janet M seconded, motion passed

Financial Report: The checking balance as of March, 31st is $7,845.53, and there's been no activity thus far in April. In March, we expended $60, all related to SpudFest ($10 for FB boost and $50 for JC Community Center rent) and received $0.67 dividend from Landmark. To be added is we spent $94.16 for cookbooks, Sarah S. will turn in receipt for potatoes she purchased.

Discussion of insurance coverage- tabled

Discussion and possible action on going to MREA- Buck is going but it’s too late to set up a SJ booth.

Update on book discussion groups-Buck shared that it’s been very interesting, had 24 people for first meeting, have broken into 2 groups: 10-12 people at the larger group, 4-5 have come to the smaller group.  Have talked about having a potluck/dinner at the end. Some people from Whitewater have come so interest from around the area.  Spin off groups from the book groups to do events etc. has been discussed.

Discussed possibly buying a food sealer and other food preserving equipment for members to share. Could do a food saving event. Possibly in Sept.   Pool our resources and divided them up.

Micro-park update- Greg sent a copy of the grant out, went over well, should be hearing soon. All of it was written on-line, so was time consuming. This Friday, well meet to lay out the swale for the rain barrels at 2:30.  Thursday Apr. 27 and Friday May 18 are work days. Will probably have work days once a month during the summer.  Greg is looking for people to sift seeds and sort by species.

AnnouncementsApril 22nd is Earth Day. There will be a march in Madison about climate change. SJ group will go, we could march with SJ banner. It’s from 2-5 pm.  Ellen will sent out e-mail.

Agenda for next meetingFood saving event, possibly in September. Insurance issues.

Next meeting:  5:30 pm Wednesday, May 3, 2017 Potluck at Linda Nichols’s house.

Mike K. motioned to adjourn Janet M. seconded, adjourned at 6:02pm.

Submitted by

Linda Nichols

SJ Secretary











Sustain Jefferson Meeting

Monday, Feb. 27, 2017

Fort Atkinson Hospital


Board members present: Mary Branson, Janet McConaughey, Paul Moderacki, treasurer,  Amy Rinard, president, Greg David, Buck Smith, John Nichols

Other present: Sarah Seibt, Kathy Heller, John Harrington

Meeting called to order at 5:33 pm

Greg David motioned to approve minutes of Feb. 1, 2017,  Paul M.  seconded, motion passed

Financial Report: $7,989.09 in account as of Jan. 31st, $7,904.25 as of today, Sales tax was paid $94.48.  $9.64 donation from Amazon Smile

Letter of recommendation for Micro- park grant application:  $1,000.00 was pledged by SJ in January 2016, $250.00 has been given.  Amy R. has prepared a letter to endorse their grant.  Greg D. motioned to approve the letter as read with the dollar amount of the pledged added. Mary B. seconded, motion passed.

Plans for April 5th potato-growing workshop: Janet M. will ordinate the 3 presenters.  Potato bars--Sarah S. will get 50 organic potatoes, Linda N. will bake and put in a Nesco, others will bring tops. Will be held at the Johnson Creek Community Center with board meeting at 5:30 pm and   workshop at 6:30 pm.  Sarah S. suggested to increase price of seed potatoes being sold due to it being a free workshop. Ellen Klaus will work out the prices. We will bring a donation jar and sell cookbooks at $3.00 each. The event will last until 9:00 pm. Sarah S. and Amy R. were on the Fort Atkinson radio to talk about the workshop.

Future book discussion- the book is Prosper by Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart. The first meeting is Tuesday March 7th. at the UWEX Bldg. in Jefferson. Posters were shared to display. Press release is ready. Greg D. will talk about the book club at the movie. Amy R. will put it on the web-site.  Greg D will send e-mail to Mike O for an e-mail blast.

Next meeting: April 5, 2017 at 5:30 at the JC Community Center, Agenda items: MREA,  Book discussion update, membership, saving on insurance,

Announcements: Joel Kleefisch town hall meeting in Lake Mill March 9th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Fargo Library

Paul M motioned to adjourn, Mary B seconded.

Adjourned at 6:07 pm

Submitted by,

Linda Nichols

Sustain Jefferson Meeting

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Harvest Market, Watertown


Board members present:  Mary Branson, vice president, Buck Smith, Janet McConaughey, Paul Moderacki, treasurer, John Nichols

Others present:  John Harrington, Kathy Heller, Sarah Seibt

Meeting called to order at 5:51 pm by vice president

Welcome and introductions

Approval of minutes from Jan. 4th meeting: Paul M. motioned to approve minutes, Mary B. seconded, motion passed.

Financial Report: Paul M. passed out copies of the Annual Report.  We took in $4,495.39 and spent $4,072.17. Please send Paul an email when you deposit money so we can know what the source was.  On Jan. 30th the annual tax report was done, amount was $94.48. Currently in the checking account is $7,988.41 Janet M. motioned to accept the Annual Report with the revised information regarding the three unidentified donations. Buck S. seconded. Motion passed. Paul asked for addresses of board and officers for the Non-Stock Cooperation Annual Report.

Update on plans for Feb. 27th film screening: It will start at 6:30 at Fort Hospital.  Amy Rinard has begun publicity.  She has posted it on our website home page. Next week she will have Mike Opager send out email blasts to our groups. She will also send out press releases to the Jefferson County media outlets.  Sarah S. has sent out a flyer to Fire Souls email group and provided one at this meeting.  Some changes were recommended.  Board and others will begin circulating the flyers. Sarah requested for someone to go with her to check on the room we will be using.  John N. and Buck S. will meet her on Monday.  Paul M suggested snacks. Sarah will bring lemonade. Others will provide snacks. John N. will check if they have a popcorn machine. Mary B. asked about a snow date.  Sarah shared they were quite booked up but she will ask.  We will have a discussion after the movie.  Sarah will send a link so the board can watch it ahead of time. 

Discussion of future film screening or book discussions:  John H. suggested a book discussion on “Prosper” by Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart.  He will coordinate with John N. and Greg David to set something up. Possibly two sessions in March.

Discussion of Spring potato sale and potato-growing workshop: Ellen Klaus, Janet M. and Meg Kelly will present. This will be on April 5th right after our monthly board meeting.  Mike and Ellen will pick up the seed potatoes. Sarah suggested the Johnson Creek Community Center.  Mary B motioned to use the JC Center as our venue. Paul M. seconded. Motion passed.  Will we sell potato cookbooks again? Paul M suggested 50 copies rather than 100. John N. motioned to order cookbooks. Mary B. seconded. Motion passed. Sarah will contact CJ O’Neil to rent the center.  Kathy H. suggested a potato bar where we all bring various toppings.  We will need a source for potatoes to bake.  Sarah will ask if the new market in town can order us organic potatoes. Mary B. will ask at the Oconomowoc market.  Kathy will make a sign.

 Donation to Standing Rock: Janet M. requested that we make a donation to the anti-pipe line efforts.  Because of snow, they are moving their set up. It’s down to 500 people. They will need to fund court battles and are running out of lawyers in that State.  Buck S. recommended a donation of $300.00.  Kathy H. asked if we are a Wisconsin based organization and should keep our money here.  Discussion included if the cause meets with our mission statement. Buck S. motioned to send $300.00 to the Legal Defense Fund, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.  John N. seconded. Motion passed. Janet M. provided Paul with the address.  He will send a check.

Next meeting:  February 27th at 5:30 pm at Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital.

Agenda items to include: book discussion details.  Potato workshop details.

Announcements and recommendation:  Janet M. shared about a public radio program.  It was about a community college program focusing on wind turbine technology in Iowa.  There will be many jobs in this area in the future.  Encourage people to take courses like this.

Paul M. motioned to adjourn.  Janet M. seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm

Submitted by,

Linda Nichols

SJ secretary      


Sustain Jefferson Meeting

Wednesday Nov. 2, 2016

Johnson Creek Community Center


Board members present:  Mike Opager, Amy Rinard, Janet McConaughey, Greg David, John Nichols, Sarah Seibt, Mary Branson, Paul Moderacki via Facetime, Buck Smith

Others present: CJ O’Neil, Mike Klaus, John Harrington, Kathy Heller

Annual Meeting,

Called to order at 5:45 pm

Review and approval of YTD-none reported at this time. Monthly Financial Report - Paul M reported that the checking account balance is $7, 956.93. We received $0.68 in interest in October and reimbursed CJ O’Neil $74.00 for the annual cost of our mail box rental at the Johnson Creek Post office. Ellen made correct that CJ was given $24.00 for 6 months post box fee and $50.00 for rental of Johnson Creek Community Center.

Summary of year's activities-members recalled our gardening workshop, made raised beds at Heritage Home, had 2 book studies, one blog discussion, removed things in storage at Bethesda and had a successful rummage sale, fermentation workshop, and potato sale.

Elect 3 board members (expiring terms: Sarah Seibt, Amy Rinard, Buck Smith)- Sarah S. nominated Mike Klaus, Amy Rinard and Buck Smith for a 3 year term on the board. Nomination accepted by all three. Mary B. seconded, motion carried. 

Mary B. motioned to adjourn the annual meeting, Mike O seconded, motion passed, adjourned at 5:54 pm

November Board Meeting,

Called to order at 5:56pm

Greg D. motioned to approve October board minutes, Ellen seconded, minutes approved.

Financial report: see above

Election of officers: Amy R. nominated Linda N. for secretary, nomination accepted. Paul M. seconded, motion passed.  Buck S. nominated Paul M for treasurer, nomination accepted. Mary B. seconded, motion passed.  Amy R. nominated Mary B. for vice president, nomination accepted. Greg D. seconded, motion passed. Linda N. nominated Amy R. for president, nomination accepted. Mike O. seconded, motion passed.   

Report from Film Fest ad hoc committee-Sarah picked suggestions from a list that Kathy Heller gave.  Movie is “Unacceptable Levels” a new and free movie. Committee will proceed to find venue and equipment. Sarah S asked people to vote if we should do it at the Watertown Theater and make it a bigger thing. Mike O shared to make sure that we can stream it off the internet. Amy R would like to use a free place.  She shared that the actor Leonard D. has a new documentary which is on-line right now. Committee will watch that one and invite other board members and officers.

Micro Park Update-Greg D shared that they have had 3-4 seed gatherings   Work day is Friday Nov. 18 10:00 to 2:00. They will be taking the fence down, mixing and sowing the seed. There will be a presentation to the park department on Monday afternoon.

Newly appointed president, Amy R. suggested a change in meeting days and times. She suggested not having a Dec. meeting, all agreed. Change to 5:30 meeting times and always have a potluck for the board meetings. We will continue to meet on the first Wed. of the month.  Next meeting is Jan 4th, 2017.

Sarah S. motioned to adjourn, Greg D. seconded. Adjourn at 6:22 pm.

Submitted by Linda Nichols, SJ Secretary

A fermentation workshop followed. In addition to board members, 14 people attended. Four SJ members presented.  It was well received.