Sustain Jefferson Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Meeting Minutes


Sustain Jefferson Meeting

Wednesday Nov. 2, 2016

Johnson Creek Community Center


Board members present:  Mike Opager, Amy Rinard, Janet McConaughey, Greg David, John Nichols, Sarah Seibt, Mary Branson, Paul Moderacki via Facetime, Buck Smith

Others present: CJ O’Neil, Mike Klaus, John Harrington, Kathy Heller

Annual Meeting,

Called to order at 5:45 pm

Review and approval of YTD-none reported at this time. Monthly Financial Report - Paul M reported that the checking account balance is $7, 956.93. We received $0.68 in interest in October and reimbursed CJ O’Neil $74.00 for the annual cost of our mail box rental at the Johnson Creek Post office. Ellen made correct that CJ was given $24.00 for 6 months post box fee and $50.00 for rental of Johnson Creek Community Center.

Summary of year's activities-members recalled our gardening workshop, made raised beds at Heritage Home, had 2 book studies, one blog discussion, removed things in storage at Bethesda and had a successful rummage sale, fermentation workshop, and potato sale.

Elect 3 board members (expiring terms: Sarah Seibt, Amy Rinard, Buck Smith)- Sarah S. nominated Mike Klaus, Amy Rinard and Buck Smith for a 3 year term on the board. Nomination accepted by all three. Mary B. seconded, motion carried. 

Mary B. motioned to adjourn the annual meeting, Mike O seconded, motion passed, adjourned at 5:54 pm

November Board Meeting,

Called to order at 5:56pm

Greg D. motioned to approve October board minutes, Ellen seconded, minutes approved.

Financial report: see above

Election of officers: Amy R. nominated Linda N. for secretary, nomination accepted. Paul M. seconded, motion passed.  Buck S. nominated Paul M for treasurer, nomination accepted. Mary B. seconded, motion passed.  Amy R. nominated Mary B. for vice president, nomination accepted. Greg D. seconded, motion passed. Linda N. nominated Amy R. for president, nomination accepted. Mike O. seconded, motion passed.   

Report from Film Fest ad hoc committee-Sarah picked suggestions from a list that Kathy Heller gave.  Movie is “Unacceptable Levels” a new and free movie. Committee will proceed to find venue and equipment. Sarah S asked people to vote if we should do it at the Watertown Theater and make it a bigger thing. Mike O shared to make sure that we can stream it off the internet. Amy R would like to use a free place.  She shared that the actor Leonard D. has a new documentary which is on-line right now. Committee will watch that one and invite other board members and officers.

Micro Park Update-Greg D shared that they have had 3-4 seed gatherings   Work day is Friday Nov. 18 10:00 to 2:00. They will be taking the fence down, mixing and sowing the seed. There will be a presentation to the park department on Monday afternoon.

Newly appointed president, Amy R. suggested a change in meeting days and times. She suggested not having a Dec. meeting, all agreed. Change to 5:30 meeting times and always have a potluck for the board meetings. We will continue to meet on the first Wed. of the month.  Next meeting is Jan 4th, 2017.

Sarah S. motioned to adjourn, Greg D. seconded. Adjourn at 6:22 pm.

Submitted by Linda Nichols, SJ Secretary

A fermentation workshop followed. In addition to board members, 14 people attended. Four SJ members presented.  It was well received.