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2011 Skills for Simple Living Fair

September 24th 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Check the list below for open workshops, then download your Skills Fair Registration form, fill out and mail to Sustain Jefferson with check or money order to reserve your place! Space is limited (some workshops have already filled) so don't delay - sign up today!

Sustain Jefferson
P.O. Box 74
Johnson Creek, WI 53038

Fair Location:

Johnson Creek Elementary & High School 111 South Street, Johnson Creek, WI (View map).

Our workshops:

Fermentation is an ancient form of food preservation that increases digestibility and nutritional value. This workshop, aimed at beginners, will cover making kefir and yogurt from dairy products, as well as lactofermentation techniques for fruits and veggies.  Nicole Bickham & Megan Laws Workshop filled!

Home Energy Efficiency Lower your heating and cooling bills and increase the comfort of your home through energy efficiency measures. Learn ways to assess your home’s efficiency and prioritize areas to improve through appliance upgrades, air sealing, and insulation. Taught by Focus on Energy certified energy evaluator and home inspector Mark Furst.

Suburban Yardening Join organic gardener and permaculturist, Rob Frost for a presentation of his Sustainable Suburban Yard.   Over the past 5 years, Rob and his family have converted their typical suburban yard into a veritable edible landscape that not only produces well over 1,000 lbs. of food annually from over 70 different edible plants, but also harvests 40,000 gallons of rain water, produces 3,000 lbs. of compost, and provides habitat for a diverse range of urban wildlife from birds to butterflies to amphibians.  Learn how you too can have a small orchard, large canning garden, enjoy the beauty of a native plant rain garden, and provide your family with significant amounts of organic food while living in a garden brimming with beauty and life. Workshop filled!

Processing a Whole Chicken Want to save money on your food bill? Learn to convert a whole chicken into waste-saving parts. The additional fee of $7, covers the cost of the take-home chicken (refrigeration available for the day). (limit 10 participants) Phil Roou Workshop filled!

Herbal Ointments & Tinctures What's growing in your yard? Learn the best way to prepare herbs at home for medicinal use. Janet McConaughey Workshop filled!

Bicycle Maintenance & Commuting Learn how to keep your bike running smoothly and make simple repairs; and get tips for comfortable and safe bicycle commuting in all types of weather. Craig Ficenec Workshop filled!

Cheese Making You can't make cheese in one hour, but we'll show you how with our basics of cheese making, including process, tools and ingredient options. Jan Roou Workshop filled!

Foraging for wild edible plants offers a nourishing connection to the natural world around us. Learn the basics of plant identification, where to look for wild foods, and how to integrate wild edible plants into your diet.   The class is appropriate for all skill levels. Casey Dahl Workshop filled!

Beekeeping will discuss how to get started in beekeeping along with ways of keeping your hives healthy throughout the year. A bee hive which includes frames of honey, comb, brood, etc. will be set-up for you to see and ask questions about (sorry no live bees). John Nichols Workshop filled!

Pocket Skills Three to five minute simple skills lessons. Participants invited to share knowledge. Workshop filled!

Canning is an economical, healthful way to preserve food.  Learn the basics of hot water bath canning and prepare your own pint jar of homegrown tomatoes. Jan Roou Workshop filled!

Homebrewing (Beer Brewing 101) Ever wonder how difficult it is to brew your own beer? Learn the ins and outs of brewing beer with local home brewer Greg David as he demonstrates the basics of what it takes to make a batch of your own home brew.

Knitting Come see why knitting is still so popular.  Knitting will help you be creative, make new friends, learn new skills and challenge you while relaxing, all at the same time.  Your start-up project will be a wool hot pad. Jean Hallada Workshop filled!

Soap Making Our instructor will go through the basics of soap making by presenting the process. It will include some hands-on work and information on ingredients and fragrances/herbal additions. Workshop filled!

Backyard Chickens We'll cover selecting a breed, housing options, and health and nutritional needs of chickens. Meg Kelly Workshop filled!

Homemade Solar Hot Water Build your own solar hot water heater. This fascinating workshop will get you familiar with what it takes to  build a flat solar hot water panel. Learn from local builder, Buck Smith, about how to source materials and assemble them into a simple, but effective hot water panel. Workshop filled!

Bread Making Local caterer and professional baker Sheril Raymond will lead this demonstration of simple bread making techniques for all skill levels. Workshop filled!

Basket Weaving Learn the basics of basket weaving as you create your own take-home basket. This workshop has an additional fee of $7.00 (limit 10 participants) Jan Roou Workshop filled!

Seed Saving Learn about the importance and rewards of seed saving from your own gardens. It's easier than you think, and next year you will have saved money from your efforts this Fall! Gretchen Grosnick Workshop filled!

Lunch available from local vendors Water House Foods, Pernats, & Garibaldi.

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