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The Natural Step

The Natural Step

Sustain Jefferson has sponsored free Study Circles based on The Natural Step in and around Jefferson County, WI, for several years.  In that time, hundreds of residents have met weekly to discuss The Natural Step for Communities  by Sarah James & Torbjorn Lahti.
We urge you to join a study circle in your area and explore the possibilities of truly living closer to nature. While learning about successful programs that embrace the environment, you’ll meet other like-minded members in your community.  The course lasts about 10 weeks and groups typically meet once per week for about two hours. 

The result, of course, is an awakening of possibilities; a determination to locally promote sustainability - borne of a change in one’s individual environmental outlook.  Friendships are forged, policies rewritten.  The  galvanization of a community into a proactive group of concerned citizens, willing to step up and be heard, is often the lasting result of this process.  But more importantly, you’ll have a chance to explore how this process has been successfully executed by reviewing details from those that have carved sustainability’s wake in Sweden, the US, and right here in Wisconsin. 

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