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Volunteer Opportunities

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If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed below, please send an email to, and we will contact you, usually within 24-48 hours.

Volunteer positions

We are in need of an attorney familiar with the issues non-profit organizations face, and willing to provide some pro bono publico advice and counsel.

Graphic Artist
We're in search of a graphic artist to assist in the design and creation of print materials, website graphics, information booth signage, and promotional items. All levels of expertise welcome!

Website designer
Seeking a web designer with strong skills in the technical aspects of website construction and ongoing improvements, including HTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, online forums, e-commerce and Online Stores, PayPal, etc.

Additional committee members always needed!

Funding Committee
Committee members develop grant proposals, plan fundraising programs, and solicit donations to help fund our ongoing actvities.

Government Affairs / Business Committee
We welcome new members interested in positively affecting government policies at the local, county, state and federal levels, impacting the quality of life in our communities, coupled with sustainable and regenerative practices to insure a healthier community. This includes policies that address clean water and air issues, zoning and land use, transportation, food, renewable energy and other developing issues that have a positive impact on ensuring our communities remain great places to live.

Membership Committee
Looking for members interested in helping with recruiting efforts, membership drives, and improving the SJ member experience.

Outreach Committee
Members needed to assist with organizing and running our film screenings, speaker events, workshops, presentations, and study circles, our primary tools for educating and reaching out to our Jefferson County neighbors. We also welcome volunteers who would like to work on specific short-term projects.

Publicity Committee
Seeking additional members to help with writing, editing, graphic design, website design, social media, photography, press releases, print materials, distribution of posters, etc.

Re-skilling Committee
Do you have a talent or a skill that you would be willing or able to share with others, or know someone who does? Our committee works to develop and facilitate an exchange of knowledge to ensure that the skills of the past are not lost forever, but passed on to future generations. Some examples of the skills that need preserving are: Blacksmithing, square-dance calling, wool carding & spinning, window glazing, maple syrup tapping, beekeeping, cheese making, wood carving, plastering, fly tying, rug braiding, clock building, candy making... you get the idea! Share your knowledge and experience!

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